Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy Warm Days

I've had a couple of busy days and am very tired.  Since Tuesday, I haven't slept well, but then I've also had a lot of things running through my head as jobs and chores to get done too.  

Since the front garden has been completed - and still looks great! - I thought to get in and begin my back garden; so it looks like my own little universe and I feel as though I'm a world away from the rest of the world and can escape from everywhere and everyone when I want to.  
So far, I've acquired some second-hand pavers from Gabe and Kat's friends and laid them along the back fence to help me know when weeds are coming through from my back neighbour (as she doesn't do any gardening at all; let alone go out in her back yard).  Then, I had to wait until this pay to do anything else.  I had two bags of potting mix and that was it.
Today, I was off to Bunnings with some money in my pocket and an idea to find some good pots and 2 more bags of potting mix.  And so, instead of going for the first set of pots I set my eyes on, I looked over all the pots in all the aisles and found out which ones were worth the money... and the two I picked out were the cheapest in the longrun.  I saved $12 - $15 all up buying plain terra cotta pots and two bags of $6.30 potting mix.  So, once home, I backed the car into the carport (knocking over some bins in the process; I mean, come on people, bin day was yesterday!  And they were picked up at 7am!) and then unloaded all my gear into my backyard.  Then, i was going to leave it all until tomorrow... but I found I wanted to get it done before the weekend.  So, I turned the car around and parked it nose in (so it wouldn't get hot), locked up the front of the house, grabbed the cordless phone, gardening gloves and headed out to the backyard and began working on uprooting the Aloe-Vera from its position with a shovel.
All up it took me around an hour to get it all done.  My right arm was killing me and I felt sick in the guts from the pain, but I'm happy it was done.  I even repotted the Gloxinia in the smaller round pot to give it more room to move this Summer... very nice!  And it'll be able to stay in the pot for a few years; as it was in its original pot for around 15 years.  
Next fortnight, I'll be looking around some cheap shops for garden statues to sit in my garden... nothing over $25... something like a sitting Buddha or something like a metal rooster or something fun which will be hidden amongst the potted plants.  I'm not sure what I'll get yet as I have to see what's out there.

Tomorrow, I have to catch up with my housework.  There's a ton of washing up, laundry, vacuuming and dusting to do.  Then, I have to pull the rake over what looks like a lawn but it's not, but I'll be getting into that on Sunday as I'll be dropping over to Mum and Dad's place on Saturday morning or afternoon while I'm in the area.  
Like I said I'll be over my folks' way on the weekend, and this is because I'll be at a workshop at the Logan North Library for a couple of hours during the day.  It's sci-fi month in all Logan Libraries and so I'm attending a workshop on how to build and create worlds and keep them... I can build worlds, but have problems keeping them in the minds of my readers; and in my imagination.  When my worlds are based on real places, it's not difficult because they're based on fact, but when it's imagined, it's more difficult and I find it hard to communicate it across.  I've always had this problem from the beginning; and I seriously need the help with it. 

Anyway, that's what my week has been like so far... busy as hell, but fun and a little painful.  But tonight, I cracked a few knuckles on my right hand and I felt and heard my elbow joint - where I have tennis elbow - pop and crack, a lot of pain went away!  This was good!  I think it's a sign of my arm getting better in some way - I hope.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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