Monday, July 22, 2013

Tennis Elbow

Yep, that's what I have.  I was off to the doctor today, and Dora did some basic tests on my arm - pressing here and there and asking me which hurt and which didn't - and she confirmed my suspicions of having Tennis Elbow.  She recommended that I go and buy a support from the Chemist - which set me back $50! - and that I take it easy on this arm.


Oh well, at least this gives me a month or so to do more planning on my front garden.  Or to at the very least work on it a little more slowly.  This is a good thing.  I can get in and enjoy my work and not hurry it along - as I'd probably do.  The support is harsh and does hurt a little, but I'm not feeling horrible and sick anymore, so it's doing its job.  
Dora told me that it's good that I strapped it when I did as I was putting pressure on something that needed it in the first place - in the right place too! - and that I was beginning the healing processes a few days in advance.  However, she wants me to keep it on there as much as I can and not use my right arm.  So, I'll be doing some paintings and reading a few books over the next few weeks; and that's not a bad thing either.  I've been meaning to catch up on my reading list in a big way; and well, this is a good way of doing it.

Craft Group was good.  I took along a stretch canvas with me to begin my new painting on and told some of the ladies what happened and scored some free advice on how to assist with my healing processes and physio too.  So, I'm glad I went.  Another lady celebrated her birthday and we all had cake today; and this time it wasn't horrible and sweet.  

Well, I must get going.  I have a few things to get done tomorrow, and there's I want to get in and figure out some things around here as well.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm - or cool - and remember, I'm always here.


  1. What did you do to your right arm?

    1. I picked up something at Bunnings that was heavier than it looked and tore a tendon in my arm... didn't know I had done it until 2 days later when it really hurt. So, I went off to the doctors and they said I have to make sure I don't lift anything heavy - haven't been doing that... just taking care of myself and slowing down.