Thursday, July 11, 2013

Room Number 2.... The Office: Part One!

This afternoon, after I got off the computer, I was busy in this very room... this very small room.  It was a very small for a good reason.  The mess has been getting bigger for a long time and I need to keep on top of it.  So, today was the day I threw out a lot of things and tidied up the bookcases.

I started with collecting together the rubbish bags and Green Bags to see what was inside them.  So much paper came out of a few of them and was thrown out!  I also threw out my old shredder bin - which is useless, to make room in front of the bookcase. 
I then collected together any books off the floor and put them in to any empty Green Bags around until it was time to put those books away in the bookcases (and I'd do that once the bookcases were tidied up first).  I organised what bags needed to be taken downstairs to be arranged and emptied, and what knitting needed to be taken down too to be finished (my Dr Who Scarf that needs tassels; the scarf is 7ft long).

I found a bag of stuff that needs shredding.  So, I looked through anything that had a receipt or was crap and added it to the shredding bag and put it on the floor and then looked next to that and found a bag about my childhood.  It had a lot of stuff in it about my schooling life, grades, school photos and other stuff and I found the bag this was all sitting in was broken.  So, I found another bag and moved all this stuff over to the new bag and threw out the broken bag.
The next thing was the trolley I got from Mum.  It's a tiny little trolley and I love it.  I went through the books in it and have restacked them again - but I still have doubts about them staying there.  So, I may yet put my empty notebooks in that trolley and move the books somewhere else, so I can lay my hands on a notebook whenever I need one.  

Anyway, I put away a few things, like my old diaries and most of the stuff from the tea chests at Mum and Dad's house and then, I shifted all the rubbish out into the wheelie bin outside and closed up the house.  By this time, it was around 3:30pm... and I had started at 1:30pm - or a little before.  I had gotten a lot done in that small amount of time.  But I still have a lot to get done tomorrow.  A lot more has to be sorted through and more to be thrown out.

Tomorrow, I want to be able to see the brown folding chair, the floor around it and I want all the green bags in front of the wardrobe gone.  I want to be able to bring the vacuum cleaner in here and vacuum right up to the second bookcase without anything getting in the way... and tomorrow is the day I'm hoping to get that done by.  If not, I'll work on it on Tuesday - as the weekend is going to be busy.

So, if you're cleaning out your place, how is it going?  If not, and you've already done your house, how long did it take you to get your place totally cleaned out and finished up?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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