Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There And Back Again

Well, it's the day after my surgery and I'm going okay.  I'm still in a bit of pain, but that's mainly around my belly-button (which feels as though somebody poked me really hard with a chopstick!).  One of the probe things went in there, and the other two holes they worked through aren't sore at all.  So, I'm going well.
My back is sore and so is my right shoulder.  But that's expected from the gas they filled my body with to work.  

Getting in there was good.  Mum drove me to Greenslopes Private Hospital.  We checked me in at around 12:30pm and my name was called by a nurse where I had the same questioned asked of me about 20 times of what I was getting done, what I was allergic to, my birthday, name and age and what medications I took every day... not only was I exhausted answering them all, but I was also very grumpy as by the time they moved me into the theatre, I hadn't eaten or drunk anything since 8am that morning and it was going onto 2pm in the afternoon.  And to add onto that, I had a pounding headache too.  So, having a nice snooze was something I was looking forward to.  
And speaking of which, the anesthetist was very nice.  He was very gentle putting the needle in, and then asked if I liked to travel.  I said yes, and he asked me where I'd like to go next... I answered San Francisco and ... well, that was the last thing I said until I was gently shaken awake by one of the nurses in recovery.
Unfortunately, I was there for over an hour because my blood pressure kept yo-yoing... so I said that I hadn't eaten anything all day and they went off and got me some food - just basic stuff - and once I began eating and drinking, I was going okay.  I was also burping a lot too - so much I wondered what was going on.  One of the nurses told me that it was because of the gas the doctors filled me with to work on me; and the more gas I let out now, the less pain I'd feel later.  So, there I was burping and belching for a few hours and unable to stop... funny, but it hurt to laugh, so I tried not to laugh.

By the time I had finished eating, the nurses asked if I thought I could get dressed.  They sat me up in the bed and helped me with my clothes and I dressed myself; and I left recovery #1 in a wheelchair to go to recovery #2 which is where you sit in lovely recliners while the nurses there take the cannula's and other needles out of your arm; and then, you can go home after you eat more food and they check your blood pressure.  

When I was taken downstairs, it was dark outside and past 7pm.  And the nurses told me it was also cold.  So, I put on my beanie, scarf and jacket to keep warm.  Mum drove up and helped me into the Pajero and before we knew it, we were off home.  Dad came over and gave Mum here dinner while she made me some green tea.  And seeing I had a bit to eat at the hospital, I wasn't all that hungry when I got home.  We didn't watch television, instead just sitting around and talking until late.

I took some pain-killers at around 10:30pm to tide me over until today; but they wore off at 4am.  And I was thankful Mum decided to share my new bed with me as she helped me take them before we both went back to sleep until 6am when my alarm went off.
Today, I'm okay; better than last night.  I'm not as agile as I would like to be... but I'm going well.  The pain comes and goes and I'm not on pain-killers anymore; but I'm tired.  So, I'm taking it easy and not doing anything much for the day.  
Mum's done my laundry, cleaned my kitchen up and is currently out doing my grocery shopping for me, while Dad's here at my place watching me while she's out.  They don't want leave me alone; and I don't blame them.  But it takes a bit for me to get around... but I'm getting there.  
So, there you have it... my day at the Greenslopes Hospital.  I wore their height in hospital fashion of open-backed gowns, pressure stockings and booties; along with the sexy red shower cap you put on your head for your visit into the theatre... otherwise, I'm currently at home and taking it easy.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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