Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kicking Back

It's been a week since my surgery at Greenslopes Private Hospital and I'm recovering well here at Brighton.  My brother's house is nice, big and quiet; and  his chickens are cheeky, funny... and there's always one which gets out in the morning, so I'm woken at around 7am by an urgent clucking outside my door.  Yes, she knows where I am.

Today, it's on the cooler side, and windy, but I'm not worried.  So long I keep myself rugged up, I'll be okay.  
Last night, we had the moon - a full moon - the closest to earth this year.  It's called a Wolf Moon and it also means it'll be the brightest it'll be for over a year.  The tides will be very high today and over the next day or so too.  An amazing thing this Wolf Moon, don't you think?  I took a few photos of it, and found it lovely.
Also last night, I made myself a pizza from scratch.  It was great... right up until I realised I forgot the yeast!  Oops!  Oh well, I added it in with a bit of water and it rose.  Then, I cut the dough in half, wrapped on half up and put into the freezer and rolled out the other half and made a nice pizza with it.

I've been taking it easy here too; and yeah, feeling a little guilty about it too.  I wish I had more energy to get out and about, because I do want to go to Electea Tea and Coffee House - about a 20 minute walk from here - but I know it'd be wrong and too far for me.  But it's just such nice weather and if I took my time, it'd be worth it... really it would.  
Anyway, I might do that on Thursday; I'm not sure yet.  Tomorrow, I have to go and get some milk, vegemite and a pen or two (as the ones I brought along aren't working)... and so, I'm hoping to be able to get to the coffee house at some point and enjoy myself there.
I've been knitting up a storm too.  I began a scarf at home - a nice brown, fluffy one - and it's almost finished, as I've had plenty of time to just sit here and knit while watching a movie during the day.  I know that sounds lazy, but really, it's the doctor's orders to do nothing all day and rest... sounds boring really.

But this week - already - I've done some laundry, the washing up is done in the morning, my bed is made and chooks are fed.  And, until around 3pm, when the chooks are let out, I don't have to do anything but read, knit or paint; unless I want to have a shower... but that's just to keep warm.  So, yeah, I'm just kicking back right now.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Sounds like this one free on the run chicken doesn't like to be locked up like a prisoner.

  2. Actually, she's funny too... when I go out to feed the others or to the chook pen, she follows me down there to be let back in there; only to have her jump the fence again.

    Funny little thing.