Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Another hot and steamy day has been and gone across Brisbane and is coming to an end.  Today was also my Dad's birthday; but we'll be celebrating it next week as a family because my niece will be included in the dinner then.
I've spent my afternoon at my parents' house having lunch with them, dancing, singing and listening to music from the 1970's that I grew up with.  Even though I was born in that decade, I listened to - and still listen to - a lot of that music; on vinyl mainly.  It's always good to know something about that genre as well as today's stuff then you know whether music has improved or not.  Personally, it has in some ways; but not in others.
Gabe and Kat came over and brought Jay with them as they'll be away overnight; and Jay is staying at Mum and Dad's.  She's a great dog and is a real people dog; so sociable and friendly.
It was great to see my brother and Kat even if it was for a little while; as always.  They were feeling the heat as much as I have been.  But before long, they were on the road again and we were left with Jay.  The afternoon wore on and we sat out the front, drank tea, ice coffee (home made) and took photos - some of them silly - of all kinds of things.  Then, 'Nut Bush City Limits' came on and Mum and I did the dance and made it through the whole song - it was great!  Dad tried it and gave up after he accidentally kicked over the bowl of water we left out for Jay.  Now, it's just past 5pm and I've just put on the JazzTrack online... hot good is that??? I've never done that before. :)
It's a good thing we can get that on here at Mum and Dad's place.  It's the same show that's on the radio but you can put it on the net and play it through your speakers.  I do love my jazz; no matter what kind (well, okay, so long it doesn't sound like they can't play their instruments, it's great).  

I just wish I could play this kind of thing on my piano and really get into it... now that would be something else!  I'd love that.  I've been listening to JazzTrack for some years now and Mal Stanley plays some great music and goes to concerts and places where jazz is prevelent.  He's done tributes to some great musicians from history and I've found some great works I'd otherwise would never have heard of if I didn't listen to this station.  It's on Saturdays and Sundays 5pm - 7pm on 106.10FM here in Australia.  
Okay, enough plugging of this station and my taste in music... I gotta go.  It's getting late and I'm sure Mum and Dad are hoping to go out for Dad's birthday tonight with friends and relatives.  Take care, keep cool - or warm - and remember:  I'll always be here. 

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