Sunday, October 26, 2014

What a Weekend!

It's been a busy week and a busy weekend... and right now, I'm sitting comfortably in my office chair with the air-conditioner workin' its magic while I'm in front of this here computer.

Nope, I'm not moving for the next few hours... not until I'm thoroughly finished with the net today.

Or I'm out of ice coffee - then I can always get that one from the fridge I bought this morning when I got the paper.

Anyway, I've had a hell of a weekend; and I'm doing nothing today... absolutely zero, zip, nada... and really, I don't wish to do anything unless I really need to.

On Wednesday, I did my fortnightly grocery shop.  It was good, but I forgot my synthetic bags and ended up with a collection of plastic bags; not something I want to do again.  

Thursday was busy.  I packed the car with some doors off the old sewing machine in my bedroom and took them to Mum and Dad's place at around 9am and then headed off to Bunnings where I picked out a new pot for the garden.  It was a huge, gorgeous off-white pot to take the place of the red seat in the back yard lining the fence.  You see, the feet on that seat ( and the seat itself) have been slowly rotting.  Even though I painted it, it still hasn't been stable enough to hold anyone of late.  So, on Thursday, I removed it from my yard and put it up the back of the complex for the caretaker to take away.  After moving the tiles around that were placed there for the feet, I put the pot there and prepared it for my potting idea - a centerpiece for the garden... I hoped it worked out.

On Friday, I was out again.  But this time, I was happily celebrating owning my Little Green Machine for six months!  Yes, six months had sped by since Dad bought me this lovely Astra.  So I celebrated by going out and getting some gardening gear at Bunnings and doing some gardening.  I filled out the half-pot on the fence with a little gorgeous 'Red Wing', so it doesn't look so empty.  The new big pot looked so lovely in its spot and I half filled it with potting mix I had left over and some pipes I had put inside it to see what they'd look like when I actually had them properly installed.

Yesterday, I went out to the Springwood Community Centre and bought up big with the plants.  I spent only $13 on plants... great stuff!  I also bought a bottle of mango chutney Dad loves for $4.00 too... then I off to Mum and Dad's place to work on the sewing machine; which it turned out wasn't going to be worked.  Instead, I worked on the bath table.  Dad and I took it apart and I sanded it down after getting all the gundgy stuff off it.  While I did that, Dad went off to the dump.
Before long, I was finished for the day and started to pack up, but Dad wanted me to stay and put on a coat of shelack.  I really didn't want to; I had some other things to get done at home - some plants to pot up and a bit of work to get done around the house before the sun went down.  But he stilled wanted me to stay... I don't think he understands I have other things to do at my house.  Mum still has to explain it all to him.
Well, I arrived home after lunch and got stuck into the gardening and the plants look great in their new home!  I had put up some netting and they looked wonderful with some recycled stuff around the place - especially seeing I recycled the silver stones from out the front of the house.  I really love they look so good with anything!  And the plants fitted into their new pots so well!  The back three are the new plants and the two front ones are from around my place.  

This morning, I heard it was going to be around 30 degrees Celsius... so finished breakfast quickly and got out into the garden and watered everything thoroughly.  The Agapanthus look like they're about to put out blooms as they're sitting up more.  My Gloxinia hasn't put out leaves - yet - but give it time, we've had a few cold days and nights, so with the heat coming up, it'll get there.  And the possums didn't get in and eat the new Red Wing last night thanks to the new netting put up yesterday... I hope it holds.

Today, like I said, I'm hoping to chill out and do nothing.  I hope to be able to be able to work on more magna-pegs and on Monday or Tuesday, I'll get out there and buy more magnets for them at Garden City.  Well, until next time, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Busy Morning

This morning, I was out the door before 9am and off to Mum and Dad's place. I had to drop off some pieces of the old Singer Sewing machine from my place to theirs for when I go to their place on Saturday.

I was there for a bit - well until Mrs Dickenson showed up - and then I was off again.  I went to Suncorp to get some money out and then to Bunnings where I picked out a large pot for the garden and a plant to replace the one which had been destroyed by the possums in the halfpot on the fence.  
Before going to either place, I had to fax one bank and then return to the post office again to check the mail.  You see, I've won a book by John Connolly.  His publisher was supposed to have sent it to me by the end of last week.  But it never arrived.  So, I called up the place I won it from and they helped me out... wonderful people!  They told me that it should be here by the end of this week.  It's Thursday, and it's still not arrived - but still, there's one more day left in the week.  I'll give it until Monday morning and then I'll really get impatient.  I mean, how hard is it to post off a book?

Anyway, I bought the pot and the plant, and came home.  I was hoping to go to Super Cheap to buy a steering wheel cover - because that darned thing is beginning to get hot! - but I wanted to get home and do some serious gardening.  But I thought that, seeing I had checked the mail at 8:30am this morning, it would make sense to check it again a few hours later.  After all, they would have finished sorting the parcels.  
So, I was on Kingston Road, checked my mirrors, saw a large old ute (and I mean it was a Dodge pick-up... old kinda thing) and I indicated at the right time, slowed down... and that damned Dodge pick-up was right on my arse!  He had been coming in from Randall Street and didn't see me!  Crap!  He very nearly side-swiped me!  Of course, he blasted his horn at me as though I was in the wrong, and I wondered if he did clip me.  I pulled up in a spot as fast as I could and looked my car over... nope, no marks.  Yes, he was that close to hitting me, it wasn't funny.  

But it wasn't my fault either.  I did all the right things; and he was coming into a main road from a side street, and should have looked where he was going, watched what people were doing.  And most of all, not been in such a hurry to get where he needed to go.  I wasn't speeding - seeing I had a large terracotta pot in the boot of my car - and I didn't want to be in an accident all because some idiot didn't look where he was going.

Well, I checked my mail box and there wasn't anything there... okay, fair enough... then I was on my way home.  Once home, I was right into the yard immediately moving the chair out into the recycling area of the unit complex, and moving the tiles I had in its place for the feet of it.  Then I placed the pot in its place and potted up the new plant in the halfpot on the fence... so that was part one of the revamp.  Part two will happen either this week or next pay; more likely the latter.  

So, how has your day been so far?  Mine's been most of the 31 flavours of crazy... but then, some days are like that, right?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Busy, Busy Non-Stop Weekend

This past weekend was one of early mornings, all day work and staying up way, way past my bedtime curfew.  

On Saturday morning, my alarm woke me at 5:30am; not the most wonderful time to get out of bed on a weekend, but then, I had markets to be at by 8:30am all the way over at Murarrie State School.  So, I thought to get up early and be able to take my time, than wake late and rush through my morning routine.

Well, I was on the road by 7:45am on the dot!  I had to go to the bank and plug into the GPS the address and then?  Well, I on my way!

It didn't take me long to get to the school - actually, a shorter length of time than I thought it would, so I thought to slowly set up and then take a walk around the school and photograph the animals and other parts of the place to show off where I was for the day.  
After buying myself some coffee and a cupcake for $5.00 I returned to my stall to find the wind was picking up and it had already tossed over my easel.  Some of the other stall owners had been good enough to pick it up for me and put the magnets back on the sheet of metal.  But the darned thing wouldn't stay.  So, I had to lower it and sit next to it.

For the whole day, other things kept on blowing shut, or falling down.  But I put up with all of that just to make myself a bit of money.  It was good to enjoy the day there; it could have been worse - we could have had rain (then I would have packed up or had to put down plastic to protect my goods).  But then, I found out that some people just packed up and left because of the wind, whereas I didn't.  And you know, it was after midday I made the most of my money and profits; very cool!

Well, by 2pm, the people and crowds left and we were advised that it was okay to pack up if we wanted to.  One of my friends had arrived and he offered to help me pack up; and I didn't say no to that.  Geoff could see how tired I was too.  I drove to Mum and Dad's place and showed them the photos and told them about the day, all the while patting Jay the wonderful doggie... yeah, Gabe and Kat had gotten them to care for her for a few days.

Before long, I was off home, vegging out in front of the television munching on a snack.  I didn't want to be eating anything too heavy before crawling under the covers of my bed at around 10pm.  

Sunday was my brother's 43rd birthday.  He had had a costume party the night before... a very cool alien costume party; which was fun for everyone.  And so, I missed out due to being exhausted and Mum and Dad went to see Ahn Doh at the Logan Entertainment Centre.  They totally enjoyed themselves... it was great. 
Well, I spent the day surfing the net and stuffing around online and pretty much not doing too much.  I was just too tired; plus my right foot wasn't feeling too hot.  I had tripped down a tiny step the day before and turned it.  But seeing I didn't feel anything on Saturday, I didn't thing anything about it.  Then, Sunday morning came around and - woah! - the pain kicked in!  

And Gabe wanted to go out to dinner.  So, I asked Dad if it was sprained.  He looked at it, and thankfully said no, but it's been strained pretty badly.  So, take it easy, and put a hot face washer on it before bed to keep the bruising and swelling down.  I did that and on Monday it was far better than it was on Sunday.  But yesterday, I had to just slow down and take it easy, no fast turns or twists on that foot.

Today, it's better than ever... I still have a twinge of pain in it, and it's a little swollen still, but it's not as painful as it was on Sunday.  So, it's getting better as time goes on.  However, my chiropractor will think otherwise.  Also today, the past three days of me going out has finally caught up with me.

I've been out to the bank to pay for the rent on my last stall rental.  Then, I went to the post office to check the mail, then I came on home... yep, that's all the driving I'll be doing today.  So, how was your weekend?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend is going to be full; very full.  I have spent this week pulling in my reserves of energy, sleeping in, making sure I haven't exhausted myself and hoped I have everything organised.

Well, there's always one thing to be forgotten, right?

I have the Murrarie State School Organic & Craft Markets tomorrow and I hope to get there before 9am, find out where my stall is and set it up well before 10am so I can walk around and find the toilets, water fountains and move my car to where it's supposed to be before the markets themselves open... the last thing I need is to be lost in a school when I don't know where anything is.  And I'd like to have a good look around for something for my brother's birthday too.

But this week, I got in and worked on a few things, listened to an audio-book (titled 'The Watcher' by Jo Robertson) and then, today, I worked on a bit of my lunch for tomorrow.  I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything there.
Today, after breakfast, I packed the car as much as I can with everything, both stock boxes and the stores box and then threw a blanket over the lot and put in the two-wheel trolley and locked it up.  I still have my bag to pack as well the esky and then that's it.  I'll be working on getting enough sleep tonight and taking off by 8am tomorrow - maybe a little before - and getting there by 8:30am.  I don't want to be rushing; which is understandable.  

For the rest of the weekend, I'm hoping to get to Mum and Dad's place to have lunch and enjoy time with my older brother and his family for his birthday, then come home and chill out.  
On Monday, there's my Craft Day and I'll be heading off the Garden City to pick up something from there before heading to my afternoon with the ladies at Springwood.  Otherwise, early nights are on the cards for a while.

Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rotten Apples

In our lives, we've all come across products we've regretted buying, right?  Sure we have!  I admit there's been products I've bought and then wondered what the hell I was thinking and either returned it, thrown it out or, did the horrible thing, and kept it until it wasn't worth anything anymore and donated it to a charity (the latter I don't do anymore).

But really, over the last four years, I've put up with a lot of bad choices.  One of those choices was something I fell in lust with: Apple products.  Boy was that a bad crush on something that was so not worth the money my folks spent on my only Christmas Present.

We had nothing but trouble with my Apple Blade Touch.  From the day I received it to yesterday when the update Apple just dumped on it - when I said not to do it - and it didn't work and the damned thing had to be taken back to its factory settings, we've had nothing but trouble with it.
Then, when I tried to get my music back onto it, it didn't work... but that wasn't the shitty part.  No... that didn't really make me want to smash it into tiny, little pieces with the back tyre of my car (which by the by, works better than any Apple product out there mainly because Steve Jobs knew what he was doing when he started Apple.  However since he stepped back, the whole company has ended up in the toilet!  Now he's gone, it's just gotten worse - good one Apple, fuck up big time now the big boss isn't here to pick up the pieces permanently!).  

Anyway, I did try everything to get my music back onto my iPod and failed.  Then, I went onto the cloud and found all my apps that I bought from iTunes were gone!!!  I e-mailed Apple and they told me that after 2 years, they get deleted from the cloud! 


Are they kidding???

I spent money on those damned things only to find they're gone!

Well!  That pissed me right off to no end.  I nearly threw the iPod across the room to smash it into shards - after all it's only made of glass and metal - but restrained myself.

I went on to iTunes and pulled all the free ones I could remember off there and put them on it.  These included the lists and some of the radio station ones.  However, the book I wanted to put on to my iPod still wouldn't go.

What a load of horse hockey!  

But then, I looked at the time... three hours had passed and I had to go out.  I unplugged the iPod, closed down the computer (after screaming at it) and then packed the car.  Halfway through packing the car, my neighbour came across and asked if I was okay... I gritted that I hate Apple... he nodded saying he understood and went home.

After my craft group, I went to my folk's house and pulled out my Android tablet, went onto the Play Store on it, downloaded the Audible' app from there and then grabbed the book I had won from an author on 'Romance Bandits'... this took all of around 20 minutes from start to finish.  It was the shit easiest thing to do.

So, my mind was made up from that... I'm only going to use my Apple for my shopping list from now on until Christmas.  What I'm going to do after that is put it into a drawer and let the battery go flat.  

Yes, Apple has been the biggest regret of my life - and my parents' life... simply because of how bad the programming is.  I hate it that after only a few years, they stop working and you're expected to go out and buy another iPod or tablet because they make sure your product stops working.  This is crap.  People - normal people - aren't made of money.  We want products that work, and work properly, for many years. Android is one of those products... and so I've asked my folks for only one present this year for Christmas:  an Android phone that can carry music, apps, books and lists... is that so hard to find?  I hope not.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aunty Parade Forever!

I have no children.  I'm not married.  I never wanted children and I never wanted to get married.  But this doesn't mean I don't like children; it just means I wasn't cut out to be a Mum.

When I was in high school, I had other ideas of where my life was going to go, and it wasn't looking after a family of rugrats and a husband.  It was becoming a writer, an artist and traveling the world on my own.  If somebody came into my life?  Well, that'd be great, but I didn't want children to complicate it.  I didn't want to marry that person... I wanted my life to be easy, simple and, well... when you've grown up with a medical condition as complex as mine, you don't want to complicate it with anything like a marriage, mortgage and a family - especially if you're only going to make things expensively difficult for that future family of yours (if I decided to take that road - which I didn't).

So, I stayed single - most of the time - and didn't get into anything too heavy.  Yes, I moved in with a boyfriend and a flatmate... then almost as soon as I got comfortable, we went our separate ways.  And about two years or so later, my boyfriend and I broke up.  I rebounded onto another and he turned out to be a Jekyl & Hyde abusive prick who thought loving somebody was taking a woman who was confident, self-assured and happy, meant he could talk down to her, beat her and rape her.  Yeah, I got a very rude wake-up call about men like that.

After nine very long months, and a miscarriage, I broke up with him... I never trusted anyone again.  It's been fifteen years and I still can't sleep with anyone, allow anyone close enough for a relationship and don't want any man close enough to me to know exactly who I am deep down.  

But I'm an Aunty.  My brother has a lovely daughter who is wonderful.  When she was young, she looked up to me.  She asked me lots of questions about why I wasn't with anyone, and I fibbed to her saying God told me care for her... now she's older, she knows the truth.  She knows my last boyfriend (if you'd call him that) wasn't nice to me.  I tell her the warning signs of abusive boys/guys and advise her to fight back if she's ever bullied... no matter what happens.  I know you'll all say what I've told her is wrong, but really, when I was younger, at school, I was the shortest kid.  I was the pale, tiny, redhead with a rotten temper and I didn't know my maths, I got bullied all the time... so when I hit high school, I kept to myself.  I still got bullied.  So, I fought back... something nobody expected.
I'm in my 40's now, and people still think they can walk on me... no matter how old they are, who they are, where they're from... they think they can push me around.  It's not until I snap back that they realise I'm not one to fool with.  So, I tell my niece to stand up for herself - because if she doesn't people will take advantage of her gentle spirit.

But I'm not a Mum... never will be.  

Sometimes I wonder if the decision I've made is a good one... but when my neuroscientist told me that my medical condition was genetic and it was good I decided against children when I was in high school, she asked if it was because I thought it was genetic or because I just wasn't into children.

It was a little of both to be truthful - but I didn't tell anyone - well, on kid, but I knew he wouldn't tell anyone.  I remember saying I was going to get sick again soon; and so I had to live more and children would get in the way, or I'd end up not being able to have them; so why go through the heartache of trying and not being able to?  Or something like that.

He kind of understood - kind of.  But at my 20 year high school reunion, there were people there who had no clue I had been sick when I was young (and these were kids I went to primary school with), and they were amazed I was still around.  Me?  I'm amazing I'm still around after all the crap I've been through.

But I love my niece.  I buy her things for her art, read her writing, enjoy her jokes and company... she's just like her Dad in every way.  And when I'm looking for a present for her, I make sure it's a good one... something nice, stylish and something she needs and has that off-beat kinda style that is simply her.  I get her stuff from art stores her Dad doesn't have time to buy her; and her Mum either.  So, I'm the one who buys my niece the cool portable things that she can fold up and take places, pencils that are on sale.  I buy her small sketch books for her to take traveling with her... yep, I'm definitely a good Aunty in that way.  And then, she'll tell me cool secrets and ask me questions she feels she can't ask anyone; and knows I won't tell anyone... sure I'll write them down, but in my own private journal.  And who's going to see that?  And I'd never repeat those questions here.

Even though I don't have children, and never will be a Mum, I think it's great to be on the Aunty Parade and enjoy watching my niece grow up.  She's not all that big on me not having children, but she gets it... you know?  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shopping Day

Today was a nice hot day, sunny and without a cloud in the sky.  A perfect day to get out there and do what was needed to be done - namely the grocery shopping.

So, I got my stuff together, jumped in the car and took off up the road to get the petrol, collect the mail and do the shopping.  

The petrol was cheap.
I received a parcel in the mail from my Birthday Buddy on Bookcrossing.
And I took my time doing my grocery shopping.

It was a good day.  I bought everything I needed and wanted for the fortnight; and found my grocery bill came in cheaper than normal.  This is good.  I had bought a few things at the charity stores; finding some cute teapots with cups that fit underneath them... I don't know what they're called, but they're cute as hell!  I found two of them for $4.00 each and bought them both!  One of them I'm going to keep and other is going to my Birthday Buddy on Bookcrossing.

Well, anyway, I also found a brand new scrapbooker's book which had never been used.  It still had all the corners in the back on the piece of cardboard... so I'll be doing up this book as a display piece to show people what other pieces I have at home and which markets I have been to.  Mainly to show what I can do in photographic form, so they can look through it.

I am looking forward to being able to pull together another bigger box for the next markets so I can get my larger amount of stores in the car... it'll be good to get in and sell more at the next larger markets at Murarrie State School - which is a full-day market - and actually be able to hang out all day on 18th, October.

When I returned home, I had some people walked in through the car gate who really didn't think I needed to drive through the place.  They walked all over the place, right up the middle of the drive, and right out into the path of my car as I turned the corner (it wasn't as though they didn't see me, they just simply didn't care I was there).  I looked at them, waited and they stopped.  I went to go again, and he walked again... man, talk about dumb!  The man ended up letting me go first before giving me a filthy look... well, pardon me, but don't walk out in front of a car if you know I'm there; especially if I've already stopped to let you pass and you didn't.

I know that was rude but really, if you were given a chance to cross, take it.  There's so many people who think the rules either don't apply to them or they can just make it up as they go along... stupid really.

Well, I've been trying to use Facebook tonight and it's just not working.  So, I might take off and have an early night.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday.  I slept in after I received a phone call from my folks and then, decided to walk to the service station to buy a paper.  When I stepped out onto the footpath, I saw a motorcade of old, fixed-up cars, trucks and motorcycles coast past!  They were gorgeous!  So, out came my camera and I took some photos of them driving down the road... what a sight!

Once I had the paper and was home, I made pancakes, and ate them while reading the paper a bit; and jumped online for an hour or so.  However, that time got away from me and before I knew it, I was running late... it was past midday!  So, I jumped in the shower, dressed, put on my make up and packed the car.  I was going to Gabe and Kat's place for lunch; and to celebrate my birthday with family.

It took me around half and hour to get there - and when I arrived, Gabe said he had called my place to see if I had left, and when he had gotten my machine, he knew I was on the road and didn't called my mobile (knowing I'd not pick up while I was driving).  I said I never touch my mobile when I'm driving the car, and that it can wait until I get where I'm going.  He agreed.

Well!  They were ready for me and I had taken my new esky with me I had bought for myself for my birthday with my cake inside it.  It was so cool!  We had spring rolls with rice paper - a make it yourself thing... where you soaked the rice paper in hot water and it softened and then you picked out what you wanted to eat from the buffet on the table; delicious!  We listened to some great music and had some good laughs too.  While I was there, I got Gabe to shorten the necklace he gave me for my birthday; and once he did, he said he forgot how incredibly short I am... hehee... yeah I am quite short; only 5ft nothing.  

Before we knew it, it was time for Riley to pack to go home to her Mum and I had to start making tracks home myself; to beat the traffic.  I had given Riley her birthday gift; but she didn't want to open it until her actual birthday, so that's okay, up to her.  She just knows it's going to be something really cool (as she told me that I always give her cool stuff for her birthday and Christmas - how cool is that?).  Well, I came home and made it here in about half an hour - the traffic was pretty good getting there and coming home.  
But I was expecting a friend of mine to visit and I had arrived around 4:30pm.  It got later and later and he still didn't show.  At around 7pm, there was a knock the door and one of my neighbours I barely speak to said that he had texted him to ask me to call or text him on his number.  I thanked him and did... and what do you know?  My friend had been at my place at about 4:30pm and I wasn't home - at the time when I was just pulling into the driveway.  He said we must have just missed each other... don't you hate that?  I do.  Oh well.  Next time.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hot Summer Days Are Coming

Today, I was up nice and early and put on the laundry at around 8am.  It said on the radio it was going to be a hot, hot day here in Brisbane.  So, out on the line went the sheets, two loads of my usual laundry and my hand-washing... and about time too!  But it's going to be dried by this arvo as we're supposed to get a storm; well, let's hope anyway.

I'm looking outside and the sky is a gorgeous blue colour and there's not a cloud to be seen!  How lovely is that?  And yet it's stinking hot out there and I'm nice and cool here inside my home office; and I have no intention of going outside for a while yet... not until it cools off a bit.

Yesterday afternoon, I did a little gardening of mowing the lawn, clipping the hedges in my yard (and out in the courtyard out the front of my place too) and then trimming a little off my Large Leaf Jade.  When I was finished, I potted up a couple of the trimmings to give as Christmas presents this year, as these plants are expensive to buy from nurseries.  So, there's three in my yard in tiny pots all watered in and waiting for December. 

Today, not long ago actually, I heard the rubbish truck come and he stayed for a while.  Wondering why, I took off down stairs and found there were a lot of smashed beer bottles on the ground that had tipped out of one of the bins when he picked it up... damn!  So, he asked for a scoop, and I raced off and found one.  The rubbish collection guy was great.  He swept up as much of the glass as he could from under and on the truck before collecting the rest of the bins.  Then, as he turned around, he spotted more glass he had missed, so he climbed out and swept that up too.  However, the unfortunate thing is that there's tiny shards of glass on the concrete where the kids around here will need to wear shoes.  So, seeing I was wearing shoes, I collected as many bins as I could before returning inside.  Sheryl - who is at unit 42, was about to walk out without shoes on, and I said to stay where she was because of the glass.  She said she'll make the girls wear shoes and I said I had told her eldest daughter to go and put shoes on already, and she smiled, saying that it was good I looked out for her.

Well, once out of the intense heat of the day, I was relieved to come back inside my place.  Wow!  Does the insulation make a difference or what?  I can't believe I lived for so many years without it and put up with sweltering conditions and boiling hot nights here.
Even on the afternoon of my birthday party - and Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary - Gabe and Kat were amazed at how nice and cool my house was.  Mum said that it used to be horribly hot and I'd struggle during Summer; upstairs used to get up to around 45 degrees Celsius every day and it was impossible to sleep at night - so I'd sleep during the day to catch up.  So, when they bought the unit/townhouse, they immediately put in insulation and within about 72 hours, I was sleeping upstairs in my own bed again; instead of on the lounge in the middle of the day.  Gabe was amazed... Kat couldn't believe; and said she wouldn't live in a place like that.  I said I couldn't afford to move from here... but now it's years later and I have been able to make this place better because my folks bought it; and I can pretty much do what I want with it.

And in Summer now, it doesn't feel like a Hellmouth... it's nice and cool instead.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Busy Month of Hayfever

This month, hayfever struck me down like you wouldn't believe.  Normally, it doesn't, but this year, it did!  I've never had so much of it since high school; and I hated it - and I still do.

Anyway, I also got a lot done as well, helped celebrated my Mum's 65th birthday, Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary and my 41st birthday (the last two on the same day because everyone is going to be busy on the actual day of my birthday).  

I also got myself to the Mama Mia Mini-Markets at Murarrie where I made more money than I have ever made at the Creative Markets at Springwood.  Then, on the way home, I made the tough decision of leaving those first markets I went to try out selling my Crafty Pegs to the public.  It was difficult trying to not come across ungrateful, but in reality, the rent was too high and I didn't sell enough to cover it and make a profit.  
However, I've been offered other markets and I'm taking them on!  So, where one door closes, another two have opened for me.  How cool is that?  And, you know?  I don't mind the distance to drive, I really don't.  I actually enjoy driving my car, it's a pleasure to get behind the wheel and put on the cruise control on the highways and let the car just do its thing when there's not many people on the road.  And even when there is a lot on the road, I have air-conditioning... yeah, thank the Gods for that!

Well, I've been working hard on new products, a new website and I'm saving up for new things around the Crafty Pegs workstation too.  I'm hoping to get myself a whole new workspace.  What I'm planning on getting is a large work bench - a tall one - where I can store all my stores and stock boxes underneath it and have shelves on the wall where I can keep paint, brushes and other things until I need to use them.  Then, have a stool to sit on - and stand up if I need or want to - and it can scoot under the whole bench and keep out of the way.  I'll be getting rid of the bookcase and the green card table will be used at the markets and I'll give Mum and Dad the brown one for the coast (or even give that brown one to Gabe and Kat if they want it).  Well, that's the plan anyway.

In the last week or so, I've done the grocery shopping, checked the tyres on the car, scored some cheap fuel and I also went to Garden City and scored myself a very cool bag at StrandBags with a $30 voucher I got for my birthday from Graham Love... I did had a bit of money to it to pay for the lovely bag I had spotted online and it was mine!  And what a pretty bag it is!  It's a large tote bag made from polyurethane and I paid $39 down from almost $100... now, how cool is that?  I've been using it every day and I love it!  It has so much space and I can fit in my bag organiser in it too.

Well, today is the last day of September.  I've done a few things that have really made my month special.  I've read a book - yay, I did it! - and I wrote a review on My Reading List for it.  Then, I jumped in and did up some of the photo frames (and there's around 8 of them almost ready to be varnished and wrapped - but not yet, I've got some coat hangers I have to get done for the markets yet).  And then, I wrote two chapters of my 'Angel Love' book, and it's really kicking along!  I'm hoping to finish it soon as the plot is starting to really thicken!  I'm hoping it works out well with a bit of arse-kicking from all angles and good vs evil with a bit of winning from all aspects and losing out in just the right places.  But I'm tellin' ya, I'm exhausted... this month is a short one... with my birthday coming up, Halloween, and a new market I'm hoping to make some money at soon too, this new part of my Crafty Pegs hobby business is going to take me in a whole new direction.  It will take time to get all my ducks in the row I want them in, but being the kind of person I am, I'll have the patience to make this work.

And in between all of this, I'll be working on other personal stuff... like my Great-Grandmother's sewing machine.  Yep, it's about time I got my hands on that and worked on it.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Got Lost...

Yep... I got lost at the new and supposedly improved Westfield Garden City.  First off, I had to fight for a parking spot... a woman walked to where her car was parked (telling me she was leaving first, so it didn't seem as though I was stalking her), got in, and then waited for me to block the traffic.  Then some, 20-something year old tried to steal the spot from me!  I cut him off in a second... he wasn't pleased, but then, he really shouldn't be trying to steal parking spaces from people who have been waiting for them longer than he has.

Well, once I was ready, the car was locked up, and I had found my way inside David Jones, I found out the place had free Wi-Fi!  Very cool... so signed up for that on my iPod, and got it, so I could look up stuff online if needs be, walked through to the main larger area of Garden City I knew and prepared myself to find StrandBags... the place I came to look at.

I got lost looking for it.

You see, I had looked for it online, and it had been shown to me in its old place - where The Pancake Manor is now - instead of its newer place - near EB Games.  It's been in the new place downstairs for over a year, and the map hadn't been changed?  Now, that's awful!  

Once I found StrandBags, I talked to the lady I had spoken to on the phone and she showed me the bag I had lusted after online - and like most things we find online, as well as ourselves - it looked so much better in real life!  I loved it even more when I saw it up close, so much so, I pulled out the $30 StrandBags Voucher I had received for my birthday from Graham (one of my sci-fi writer friends) and added on around $9.00 more and bought it.  The ladies there at the store let me look through the bag and I found it zipped up just right for lefties!  How cool is that?
Well, after I bought it, I was offered a membership card, which I said yes to and signed up to be a member of their loyalty club.  Very cool.

Once all this was finished with, I stepped out into the bustling crowds of Garden City thinking it might be time to go home; but then, thought it would be a good idea to find Riot Art... as the new section of Garden City had opened just last week, and the finishing touches were being put onto the place.

I walked past The Book Cafe, and the place seemed to just... keep... going!  I was amazed at how many more shops there were.  I found Target, The ABC Shop and a few more hair salons around the corner as well as Noosa Chocolates... woah!... now that's a place I'll have to nose around when I return.  But there was no Riot Art on the top floor.  So, I got to the end where a massive red Target sign was and I went down the electronic ramp to the level below where I started talking to a man in front of me and asked him if he had come across Riot Art and he - thankfully - pulled out a map!  But we couldn't find it.  I spotted the concierge - and they were on the phone.  Then, I saw one of the new, huge, white touch screens which were maps of the place... amazingly easy to use.  So, I typed in what I needed to know and found the place... not 100 metres away.  Very cool!  These maps were great!  The man watched me use it and thought they were great too; as he had seen a few of them dotted around the place - and it was about time they had put them in for us to use.

I found Riot Art easily, and found the store had been squished into a tinier shop than it was previously.  Actually it reminded me of the shop over at Westfield Carindale... tiny and cramped.  I walked down one isle and found the paints and brushes tucked away there, when a lady walked in after me, and I commented how tiny the place had become.  She turned to me and said my name... strange thing was I didn't remember her until she said she knew me from RACQ and we had worked together!  Man!  That was a long time ago!  I had run into Regina Chandler!  She worked on the phones in Administration when I first started at RACQ when I was 18 years old!  Amazing how fast those years have flown by.  She said she didn't know it was me until I said something... and that I was so young when I started there that I just a child really; and very immature.  I agreed with her, saying I had a lot to learn.  But I learned a lot while working there, just not as much as most people would by the time they hit 24.  She disagreed, saying I was just young and my mind was young. 
I told her I was 40 now and she said I've grown into my own by now. And we chatted about what we're doing now and I told her my health really did me no favours after I left work; that I had a rough time with it and had to stop driving my beloved Celica.  Regina thought was bad, but it's great I'm going well now.  

We were going in the same direction and so chatted while we walked towards Coles.  And after we parted company, I still almost got lost getting back to my car.... stop laughing... it's gotten really confusing at Garden City now.  I kinda liked it... but then, I kinda didn't.  I guess new things aren't liked until we get used to them.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday Celebrations

Yesterday, I was up bright and early, had a nice hot shower and finished up cleaning up the house.  There were just a few things to put away, I had to move the lounge, organised the wiping up, sweep out the hall to the kitchen and then?  Well, I made myself something to drink, and hung out on the net for a bit until people began arriving.

After a few phone calls from relatives, I had Dad show up and he dropped off tables, chairs and the bbq and then said he'd see me in about an hour.  Then Mum showed up and found nothing had been done, she asked why.  I told her that Dad told me to not start anything until Gabe and Kat arrived with the marque - at which she balked!  We got it all going quickly and set the tables up, chairs out and - before we knew it - everyone started to arrive.  I put on the music and it was all going.

Graham - one of my friends from the sci-fi writer's group - showed up and then Dad did and Gabe and Kat and Aunty Helen and we all kicked back and scoffed into some nibblies and drinks.  Gabe shared his home brew and we sat out in the back yard enjoying the shade of the Lilly-Pilly's as the breeze began to kick in... it wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold either, it was just right!  A lovely Spring day for my birthday gathering and Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary too.  
Then, we got in and started cooking on the bbq and getting out the salads and stuff for lunch.  It was wonderful how quick and easy it was.  Everyone loved the 'C Salad' I made (most of the additional ingredients in it started with 'C' - cashews, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots... you know... otherwise there was lettuce in it as a main starter).  Dad cooked up some gourmet sausages and other yummy stuff for the meat-eaters and Gabe and Kat brought along a few packets of wraps in case we all felt like one.
Aunty Helen forgot the time and had to take off to do some shopping for Oma (her Mother In Law), needing to meet Kate to help her; and she left before my birthday cake was brought out.  She felt bad about that, but it couldn't be avoided.  She took off after bidding everyone farewell, me a happy birthday, and Mum and Dad a Happy Anniversary.

Then, we all sat around for a little while, chatting and enjoying the afternoon, the shade and the music.  Gabe had a look around my place - as he hadn't been here for a long time.  I showed him a new addition to my place which I had put up only yesterday morning and then, I showed him the hall table I had bought earlier this year.  He had only seen a photo of it on Facebook, and he said it was in the perfect place and it was beautiful.  Then, he spotted the family photo collage where I had put in lovely photos of everyone in it - even the pets of Little Miss Stevie and Jay - and he said it was wonderful I had that right in the middle.  He said the hall table looked like something of importance and that I could add to it by putting up more photos along the wall; which I will do once I find picture hooks that stick to the wall as there's water pipes behind that wall.
Otherwise, we looked at my office - which he jokingly called 'the fire trap' and he said I had an amazing collection of books.  I said I do go through them and give away books I just don't want to read anymore, then it gives me room to add to them again.  Gabe said it made sense to do that, otherwise it'll get out of control.

We headed back downstairs and it was time for the cake.  I put on a jacket as I felt it was getting cool, and Mum brought out the cake, cream and plates and everyone sang happy birthday.  Mum and Gabe got out the cameras and I didn't know where to look... it was funny!  Anyway, everyone got their photos and I cut the chocolate tart.  Mum cut it up into small slices and then we made coffee and ate our tart.  Gabe showed Kat the photos he took on his phone of the photo collage upstairs on the hall table, and she loved it, asking if I had other photos of Gabe when he was younger.  I said I did and raced upstairs and picked up an album of family photos, which she looked through, and everyone had some good laughs at.  There were some fun photos of me in it when I was around 6 years old and younger, which Kat thought were cute, and she said Dad looked all so serious in a few of them too.  
Soon, though, Graham said he had to make tracks and we gave him a couple of slices of the chocolate tart for him and his wife (as she couldn't make it) to have.  He took that home with him thanking us for having him, and saying that the others I had invited (I had invited about 8 other people who had said yes at first, then no when they got the invite through the e-mail) had missed out on a great day of hanging out, food and laughs; and he'd come back again if he was invited - and next time he'd talk his wife into coming along.

I did receive some presents yesterday - something I wasn't expecting from some of my visitors.  From Aunty Helen, I received, a set of lovely purple bath towels with matching hand towel and face washer.  Graham gave me a $30 gift voucher from 'StrandBags' and Gabe and Kat gave me a Bromeliad for indoors and Gabe made me a gorgeous necklace he made from scratch... it's so pretty!  They didn't have to give me anything, just come and enjoy the food and get-together, but the gifts are just so lovely!

By the time we cleaned up, packed up and had everything put away, it was almost 4:30pm.  I wished Mum and Dad a Happy 45th Anniversary.  Dad said it wasn't exactly what he had planned, but he enjoyed himself as it was a lovely, relaxing day, in the shade of my yard, hanging out with family; it ended up being just perfect seeing how the weather turned out - which was blues skies, a lovely Spring breeze and the shade of Lilly-Pilly's over my garden... yep, a perfect Spring Day in Brisbane.  Who could ask for more for a birthday and an Anniversary celebration combination?  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, I'm always here.