Thursday, January 28, 2016

Future Pressures of Being Perfect

I just watched a 2-minute video on Facebook about being a woman in today's world. It was made with women from my parents' generation telling the camera that if they could have their time again, they'd slow down more, take their time to be themselves, hold their babies close and dance longer on the dancefloors before coming home - all while they had the time.

In today's world of everything being perfect, everything happening right now, everything having to be done before a certain deadline of yesterday, women forget that they have to take care of themselves first. 

We forget that there is time to sit down and read those books we've always wanted to. There is time to get in and learn how to sew that lovely dress or make those curtains just the way your Mum or Grandmother used to. There is time where you can tend to the garden you've always wanted... you have to make the time in your life to do those things.

I realise there's other things to get done. There's work during the week, family to care for, bills to pay, kids to take to their sports and activities. However, there has to be time for you and you alone; and if you leave this 'me' time until your children leave home and head off into their own lives, you'll find that you've given away your 'me' time, that you haven't looked after yourself in any way; that the things you've always wanted to do have been pushed to one side and been neglected for so long, you won't know how to get back into them because you may have simply lost interest in them.

Years ago, I found I was the most unhappy person; and because I lived alone, I knew I couldn't blame anyone else but myself for my unhappiness. So, I went in search of my lost happiness. I tried out so many things - and it took me years to find the right things that triggered my happiness - and found that there was my inner child and teenager telling me that I had left them behind. 
At some point, I had become a serious high school dropout who went off to college, found myself a job and was suddenly earning a wage aged 18. I needed to nurture my inner self and allow my inner child/teenager to have the fun I used to have. I started collecting records/vinyls. I started gardening, reading and writing exactly what I wanted to. I stopped trying to please so many people, and my life became better.

This is what so many people have found is lacking. The video on Facebook is what all young people aren't doing. Its message is telling us of the younger generation to slow down and enjoy the world we have, the life we have exactly the way we have it. It's not because once we get old we can't do anything, it's because years fly by and we'll look up from our phones and realise the world has changed too much around us; and we'll wonder why the hell we didn't experience it when we had the chance instead of stressing over the technologies that have us brainwashed into thinking we're supposed to be the perfect humans.

We're not perfect.

We're not supposed to be perfect.

What we are supposed to do is just live life and enjoy ourselves.

Is that so hard to do?

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