Monday, January 25, 2016

Hot Summer Days

It's only days away from when the kids all go back to school - another year older, another year on in their schooling. Some of them are going onto college and university and some are going into high school, while the younger tots are heading into their first year of primary school.

This year, I've seen a lot for the first month. There's been so much sadness this month; and we all feel as though we've lived a year before the first month has gone by.

David Bowie - our most brightly-coloured of the colour spectrum of singer/songwriters, actors and artists - has left us to make the night sky look so very different in every way. He's even got a star constellation named after him and there's a David Bowie Day now (20th, January - mark that down in your diaries for next year).
Then, Alan Rickman died the next day. What a great loss to the movie world this man was. He wasn't my favourite movie star, nor one of the most attractive ones, but he was a classic star all of his own - a very traditional actor of our time.
And to make things worse, Glenn Frey of the Eagles died. Damn! How much worse could this month get? A mere week after David Bowie, this wonderful guitarist left us without his brilliant riffs to air guitar to; and we all went out to buy Eagles music again and play it all up loud. 

I've been cleaning out the house faster than I thought I could. I'm onto my 3rd Donation Box and it's filling up quickly. I've thrown out a pair of jeans which have a tear in the bum (and I haven't worn them in a year) and so I'm going to look for jeans that fit me this year and give away the size 14 jeans that don't fit me, as they're too big. Why I bought them, I'm not sure, but I will get in and make sure I have clothes I love and will wear all the time. 

This 31-day Challenge has been great. I've done well this year; and have only a few things to clean out before I delve into a couple of drawers around the house and some bags of paperwork, then I'll have a house which is much easier to work with. I don't want to be living in a house filled with so much stuff I don't know what to do with it. And yet, I don't want to be a person who's moving and finding that I have a whole lot of crap I should have gotten rid of moving with me. 

Anyway, this year has been a lot easier to do the first clean-out than in previous years where I struggled with it. This year, I know what I need to throw out, what I need to keep and how to let it go. It's not what my family will think of it all, it's what I think of it all; and that's what counts in the end. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. The older we all get we will continue to hear more about the lost of lives from ordinary people to celebrities.