Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Got Inked

As my title says, I've been inked... yep, I got my first big tattoo done. My brother's so proud of me. He thought the little tattoo on my wrist was cool, but then he got a photo of my one on my shoulder and thought they were wicked.

I got Angel Wings tattooed to the back of my left shoulder. Now, I've wanted them for a long time - over 6 months - and have saved up money from my shopping since I got home from Brunswick Heads. 

So, now, I'm here at home a week later waiting for it to heal properly. This means I can't go out in the sun, I'm sleeping only on my right side (which isn't easy) and am wearing my strapless bra - which has an underwire and is very uncomfortable. But I'm surviving it. So long I keep applying the Bepanthan/nappy rash cream to it three times a day, I'll be sweet. I've already washed the sheets twice and changed the pillow cases three times because that stuff gets everywhere!

I am enjoying the quieter life of staying indoors - and thank god I am as it's been such a hot week! I'm hoping to be able to get myself dressing better in the coming weeks; once it's healed better. 

The good thing is that the redness is gone, it's not as itchy as it was on Sunday and it's starting to scab up (which is a good thing). It's been so damned hot over the last week, I can't wait for it to heal up and get better so I can dress normally again. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

Oh! And here's photo of it the day after it was done: 

Angel Wings - the day after


  1. Is it now the 21st century trend? You aren't the only person I heard to get tattoos later in life.

    1. I've liked tattoos for my whole life. I thought to start getting them in my 40's because I didn't want to get them at a time in my life when I'd get one then regret it later on.