Sunday, February 14, 2016

Making Yoghurt is Easi...Yo!

Last week was busy and fun.

It was a shopping week and so I had that $50 gift voucher for Woolworths to spend - yay! I had a lot of fun looking around Woolworths to see what I wanted to buy that was normally a luxury in my life... and I bought an Easi-yo Yoghurt Maker.

Now, this isn't a plug-in unit or anything, and it's made in New Zealand. It also has a range of sachets you can choose from to make your yoghurt with water! Yes, water! And the sugar content is so much lower than the yoghurt you buy in the stores (so there's a plus right there for me). And don't get me started on the flavours! I picked out 2 mango flavours, but should have picked out more - as they were 2 for $7.00. Why didn't I pick out more flavours? Really, why didn't I? 

Well, I did the rest of my shopping, got it home and made my first lot of yoghurt - as per the instructions. I left the little time capsule-like thing alone for 9 hours and looked at it... and it looked set. So, I put it in the fridge. However, it didn't set properly. There wasn't anything wrong with it, as it tasted like yoghurt. But I found in the instructions that if the water isn't cold enough, it won't set to a good consistency. So, I threw out the watery stuff (which looked like I hadn't put it into the maker at all!) and tried the second satchel of powder with colder water. And this time, I left it for 14 hours - as I started it at 5pm at night.

I have to say that the next morning, when I pulled the little 1kg tub out of its red maker, wiped it clean and opened it, I was pleased! I put it straight in the fridge for a few hours for it to chill and found four hours later that yes! My yoghurt was exactly how I liked it - set solid and yummy, tangy mango yoghurt! That was easi..... yo! I do recommend trying one of these particular makers out. Easi-yo have a huge range of yoghurt satchels in the shops, but a bigger range online. And seeing I bought mine at Woolworths for half price ($11.99 when it normally was $22.99 for the big one and the small one $19.99) I thought it would do me well as I do eat a lot of yoghurt. Just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong! And remember, if you're in a hot climate, make up the mixture with chilled water. I used half water from the fridge, put the satchel in, shook it up, then filled the rest of it up with tap water.

Then, I filled the Easi-yo maker with boiling water from the kettle to the 1kg mark (the higher point in the red section, not the lower point) to make it work, and left it for 14 hours. Normally it's 12 hours, but if you're not going to be awake for the time it's finished, it's okay to leave it for those extra 2 hours. Putting it into the fridge stops it from making more culture.

So, there you are, making home made yoghurt. I never thought I'd do it... Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. I am not a big fan to yoghurt especially now after I read what one scientist added to make yoghurt.

    1. What they add?

      To make real yoghurt, you need to bring old yoghurt cultures to 43 degrees Celsius exactly for a certain amount of time... then let it alone to set.

      The way I make it is just the same but easier.