Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Autumn Has Arrived!

Last night, I was chillin' out in front of the idiot box when I heard the wind chimes at the back door of a breeze approaching. I hang them there to musically announce if there's a nice breeze or if the rain's coming in when we've got some of Mother Nature's water system happening from the skies. And last night, I felt the chill of the long-awaited Autumn evening show up. I didn't think much of it until I found myself reaching for the socks I had pulled off earlier thinking I was in for a warmer night.

It's so lovely to know we're going to have the warm days and cooler nights coming our way. So, I've been getting myself out of bed earlier to get my laundry done and into the garden as well. I'm looking forward to Winter this year as it's been three years since I gave my gardens a good big facelift - and this year is the year I'll be getting in and doing a major repotting! Very cool. 

The two pots out the front are in to be replaced by bigger pots (so the plants will have room to move) and I'll use the pots from them in the back yard. The Frangipanni out the back is needing a bigger pot - much bigger - and so that'll be replaced as well. This will take time as I'll be hoping to buy those pots from Bunnings one at a time. 

I'm still cleaning out the house bit by bit... I'm in my forth or fifth year of decluttering my house. But you do get to a point where you can only declutter only so much before you can't do anymore. I'm up to the small things in my house. Mum's decluttering her place, and she's starting right at the beginning - and I'm so proud of her, as she's letting go of so many things. However, I have noticed she's stopping on the things she wants to keep and looking through them. I have given her the advice that even though it's nice to look through the stuff she wants to keep, put it off to once side (the Keep Pile) and look at it afterwards and don't lose momentum on the cleaning out process. 

Well, that's all there is to report right now. It's getting easier to sleep at night, and I'm looking forward to cooking the lovely comfort food I love to eat every Winter (yes, I'm a Winter person, not a Summer person) and get in and read some good books over this time of year as well. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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