Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writer's Block

I've felt discouraged from writing lately. Sometimes what people say about what I write can make me feel horrible about how I speak about my life, what I do and how I run my life.

It makes me reevaluate my time and what I should and shouldn't do... and I get writer's block. 

This is never a good thing; and I try to ignore it.

I have never stopped people from writing what they feel is true to their hearts on my blog - unless it's not suitable and I remove it - but when I'm writing my blogs, I try to keep my subjects a cool as possible and on the subject they're about.

My Reading List is about books, authors, publishers and other book-related topics; and I try to make that blog feel as though you - the reader - and I are sitting down at a coffee shop to just chat happily with no stress. It's basically how I speak... mistakes and all.

This one? Well, this is basically an observation of my life and what goes on around me. I know that sounds dead boring, but really a person's personal perspective can be interesting to some and boring to others. Sometimes, it can be a little of both.

Like today - for example. My car was put in to get an oil leak fixed and it turned into something much bigger! The mechanic found so much more to be worried about and it cost me over $100 more to fix it. I talked to him about my front brakes and he ended up having to replace them... thankfully... because they weren't legal by the time they were going to fix them. 
But I had to go out and do a whole lot of the stuff while my Little Green Machine was in the shop. I ended up with Mum's car and took about 4 hours in my day working out where I had to go, getting some things at a charity store, going to the doctors to drop off a World's Greatest Shave poster and checking the mail as well as buying a cool little plunger for my bathroom (yeah, the old plumbing here has a lot to answer for... smelly!). 
When I got home, I found some numbnuts had been at my hose again! This is the second time in three months. This time, they took the screw-on tap fitting and I had to borrow one from my neighbours. So, instead of waiting for this to happen again, I've hidden my hose and taken the tap fitting from them... whoever they are. So the next time they want to take a chunk of my hose (in 3 months' time), they can't. They have to invade some other person's car port to do it.

Things have been going well otherwise...

My tattoo is healing wonderfully. I can almost wear a bra over it (yeah, it's still feeling a little like a sticker; and will for another week or two). My needlepoint is going well. I found a great frame for it for only $4.00 and I'll be getting a framing shop to help me get it all fixed up when I get it finished. And I'm learning to make corn bread... yummo! I love corn bread. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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