Friday, September 2, 2016

To Be A Hermit....

You know, sometimes, I think people who have gone and hidden away from the glaring lights of the public have got the right idea.

They've said: 'Go away.'

They've said: 'I want to be alone!'

They've demanded: 'Do not disturb me!'

And the public tries and tries - so does the media and they still ignore them all until one day these people emerge from the woodwork with a new book, script or have quietly passed away in their own part of the world - their own bubble away from the limelight - and into the history books of just how quietly famous they really were.

Yep, they have the right idea all right!

Now, I don't mind having people talk to me where I live - and living in a townhouse complex, it kinda hard to not have people talk to you seeing we're in such close quarters. However, when your neighbour's have big break-up, it's difficult to not get involved.

I'm good friends with the woman and we hang out and chat all the time now. But the ex-boyfriend keeps showing up like a lost puppy. He keeps on stressing us out at 8am in the morning, knocking on our doors and asking the question of 'Why?'.

Why ask me why? I don't know... I didn't break up with him, she did. It's between those two, not him and me... exactly why he showed up at my door (before I had had my coffee - which is a bad idea to do that by the way) and ask me stupid questions as to why they broke up isn't for me to answer. I kept saying that it's between him and her, that I didn't want to get this involved in their lives... and I didn't. He just wouldn't leave me alone - even after I told him I wasn't really in the right mood to be talking (aka: I haven't had my coffee!), but that went right over his head.

Now, my question to everyone, why is it that when your next door neighbours - in a townhouse complex - break up, at least one of them keeps on wanting to know why, and they ask every single person around them instead of looking at what they did?

This really pisses me off. I hate being the piggy in the middle of things like this. 

Now, he tried everything to get a seat at my kitchen table (he actually wanted to come inside and have a drink of water, I said no, and brought a glass out to him), and I said I didn't want that. He didn't know why I unfriend him on FB and I told him my reasons were clear but he didn't understand it... oh well, I ended up saying that all my friends have their lives together. They have full-time work, go to university, have families and/or businesses of their own... they have their lives well and truly together. However, I couldn't have one person who didn't - it just doesn't gel in my life to have a person like that in my life. And I hate that my standards are so high like this - but they are.

I think it's my family who have made me this way.

But I can't talk - for a long time, I didn't have my shit together, and over the past few years, I slowly pulled together my life and my money woes and savings. I sorted out myself. You know, it took only 10 years and I had myself figured out - even when my health wasn't so good, I was still working on myself as a person.

Now, it'd just be nice to be a hermit crab and live in my own little bubble sometimes and come out when the weather is good, things are good and everything is - well - good... but of course we can't all be like that, right? Nope. At least it's a nice fantasy.

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