Friday, May 25, 2018

The Cooler Days of Winter

They're here at last! Yes I do love the cold when it comes to my country; and love it completely in every way. It's the food, the clothes and the comfiness of my bed when the temperatures drop - I love the Winter here in Brisbane in such a way I'd love to follow this season around the world; in much the same way people follow the perpetual Summer with their surfboards.

Winter is a great time of the year for as I'm really not built to survive the Summer months here; not in the way most people are. I hate the disgusting heat and the way it makes me feel sick and light-headed... and how I just can't get comfortable with anything I wear or want to eat. There's so much variety, but I never want to eat anything because I'll sweat too much afterwards.

In Winter, I get to wear my most colourful and lovely clothes. I get to cook my most wonderful, hot & stodgy food. And in Winter, I get to jump into the gardening and pull apart the yard and put it back together again when it's sleeping. It's a great way to get in and restructure it into something I want it to be without killing it off completely. 

This Winter, I'm also writing a new book, sorting through a lot of things in my house and organising myself in a big way. 

I'm still mourning over my friend - and will probably still be until her service is publicised online; where I'll feel the pain again a second time around. It'll be okay, as pain is good thing and I'll be planting a rose bush for my friend in her honour; to keep her memory alive. 

Yes, this month hasn't been good to me - unlike the happier months in my calendar of life. I hope the coming months are so much better for me. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.