Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Really Strange Week

There's strange weeks, and there's strange weeks.  I've had weeks where I have missed whole days and had to try and figure out what's been going on... and then, there's weeks where stuff goes on that I just don't want to figure out.

This week was one of the latter.

My weekend was one where I sat and wrote some really strange stuff.  None of it has been edited and I don't think it'll see the light of day; but I wrote it nonetheless.  It was interestingly weird and funny weird at the same time... stuff that just goes around and around in my head and eventually gets written but I don't let anyone read.

Well, Sunday was my lazy day where I just rested my arm and did nothing much.  Okay, I washed up, looked outside and photographed my garden... but it ended up with me vegging out in front of the television.
One of the neighbours, not far from me, put on some really loud music.  I don't mean, 'Oh that's annoying.' I mean, 'Crap I can hear the lyrics over my damned television!' loud... yeah... that kind of annoying.  So, I thought I was within my rights to ask them politely to turn it down a smidge.  By all means, play the music, but don't interrupt my afternoon with it... instead, they invited me to hang out.  I thought why not?  There wasn't anything much on television and I was vegging out anyway.
Within about 20 minutes another neighbour from the other side of the complex - who I don't get along with - rode past on his motorcycle, without a shirt, helmet or shoes on.  No, he's not good-looking.  He's overweight, a drunk and makes out we're friends - we're not.  He drove his bike right into the middle of the party - yeah, dangerous - and attempted to flirt with me.  I went home.  When I heard him go away, I thought that I had been invited and went back... at which point he returned - inviting himself to the gathering - and made the whole get together dreadful.  It was meant to be a chill-out, but he was rude and horrible.  I ended up going home for dinner and when I came back an hour later, he hadn't left.  About an hour after that (and after everyone watched him drink himself into a stupor and then get stoned, at which point I went home permanently), he totally wrecked the night...
He was reported to the right people about this.  However, there's too many people like this in the world, who think they can do this and it's okay to do this.  It annoyed and aggravated everyone that I found him a threat; and that - even when they stopped talking to him - he didn't leave.  However, the stranger thing still was that it wasn't until after he started smoking the pot, did he get paranoid and then sent himself home.  I wasn't there to see that, but was told the next day.

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day and for the first time in a long time, my family didn't have anywhere to go for lunch.  So, Mum, Dad and I had nibblies at their place and watched it on the big screen.
However, Dad and I noticed one of the horses wasn't looking well... it was sweating and its eyes were really big.  We commented on it and yet it was still raced.  After it was taken back to its stall, it laid down and never got back up.  So, even though my horse came second, I still felt we all lost in a big way yesterday because of that first horse... then not long after a second horse had to be put down because it kicked and broke its leg in a way it couldn't be fixed.

Today, I put the money I won into the bank.  Usually - in the past - I would have spent it.  But I've gotten into the habit of putting money I've made or won into the bank; which is a good habit to get into.  Also today, I spent far less money than I got out of the bank... just as well, because when I returned home, I looked at my watch and found it had stopped.  So, tomorrow, I'm off to Stones Corner to get the battery replaced.  I'm going there because where the watch was made and bought by Mum; and I don't want to take it anywhere else.  I also have to donate some clothes and items to Life Line Super Store at Logan Central and post off something overseas too.  

So, this week has been really strange - not all that busy - but just really strange, and sad too.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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