Friday, November 28, 2014

Storm Season Starts With A Bang!

Over the last few days, it's been very hot here in Brisbane.  So, while I was out yesterday visiting my folks, we weren't surprised to see a few clouds gathering in the west.  I spotted some on the way there and kept and eye on them. 

However, just before I left, we heard thunder and knew we were in for a storm.  I didn't know how bad the storm might be, so I decided to leave before I couldn't get home at all.

I got home just in time for it to start and ended up putting the blankets in the back of the car over the front windscreen and back window of the car just as the hail began to sweep over Logan City.  I'm thankful I did as it didn't just fall from the sky, it was on the wind and it came in under my car port and some of it hit my covered windscreen.  I found pieces of hail sitting on the blanket after a good part of the storm had passed.

Boy that was lucky!

But there were people out there not so lucky as I jumped online later last night and found that Fortitude Valley Train Station had flooded so badly they had to suspend services.  There were other areas of Brisbane where trees were uprooted, hail smashed windows of buildings and cars and car parks went under in a matter of minutes.  

However, I heard on the news today that this storm was compared to the Gap storm.  There has been an even worse storm than that before it which people seem to have forgotten about.  Here in Logan City, we had a mini-cyclone pass over us in the 1980's which left a path of destruction from around Browns Plains right out to the Bay... it was awful.  It was around the time of when Haley's Comet came to visit and I remember this storm well.  This storm was compared to Cyclone Tracy (which some storms around the world are still compared to and that one hit in 1974).

This storm yesterday was bad.  But I have seen worse.  I have seen a storm rip the roof off a house and miss the one next to it.  I have heard the roof of my own house bashing hard like drums, threatening to take off (but it stayed put)... and when I looked outside, I couldn't see the street because of the howling winds.  And when the eye of the storm passed overhead, I knew at the young age of 12, that the next half was going to be worse and dreaded going through it.  And you know?  It was... if I couldn't see the street the first time around, I couldn't see beyond the French Doors of my living room the second half of it.  The roof made a louder bashing sound and the house shook harder.  And really, all I could do was get on my knees and pray that we weren't left homeless - because when it was over... we were practically the only house left with almost no damage.

The roof?  Well, Dad came home - rush home from a business trip - and climbed onto the roof to find all the roof nails had been ripped out and the roof had indeed been slamming up and down during the storm.  He spent about a fortnight replacing them all.

Yes, that storm was horrible... so when there's a storm here, I wonder how bad it's going to be.  I wonder how big it's going to be.  And if it's huge, I wonder if the news people will stop comparing it to the Gap storm and remember the earlier Logan City storm we lived through.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Another storm has been predicted to hit tomorrow and guess where I will Ipswich for a break up party event!! Ipswich and further west are generally the worse areas to have storms hit. Just pray that tomorrow's storm will be only mild cells! I don't think SE QLD needs anymore bad storms for the reminder of the summer season.
    Like my 14yp daughter said during the event of last storm, Mother Nature was angry!!! She needs to take a chill pill!!

    1. Too true... my memories of the storm of 86/87 were brought back from the one last week. A lot of people didn't remember that one on FB, not until I mentioned it.