Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Was Something Different!

This month was totally different, but I got a lot done; and so much changed around the place while it meandered by and the weather changed so drastically.

In the beginning of the month, it was my birthday.  I spent my day at Gabe & Kat's place.  Riley was there and we had a great lunch - where I brought along the cake.  But what a hot day!  Jay spent a good part of the day under the kitchen table in the cool.

Then, during this month, I chatted about how great it is to be an Aunty... and not a Mum.  Okay, I don't have children, but it doesn't mean my life is empty, but it also doesn't mean I'm selfish either.  There are people out there like me as well - but with a medical condition like mine, I just never thought, or even wished this kind of thing on my own children.  It would never had been fair on them.

And then, my Apple iPod got screwed over by the very company itself.  I asked for iTunes to download something without updating and it updated my iPod anyway... what new crapping hell was that???  And you know?  I wasn't the only one burnt this way by Apple... Rotten Apple if you ask me.  And since Steve Jobs died, that company has really bitten it in a big way.  He was such a perfectionist... and now?  The company is just shit.

Then, from around the middle of the month, I had one busy weekend after another, right up until 18th, October where I had a full-day market at Murarrie State School, where I have started to really make a bit of money there.  So, great to be able to make a mark and get known by people... and it's only taken a year for Crafty Pegs to really start to be known around the traps and markets.  I can't wait until the next few years where I can really work on my designs and have a better work station.

But then, something just had to go wrong.  I was having a great month of work.  I was flying through the Magna-Pegs.  The Beautiful Coat Hangers were really happening, and my left arm began to ache... it felt like Tennis Elbow, but it wasn't centralised enough.  And then the last two fingers on my left hand went numb when I worked.  Then, on Wednesday night, I was in agony.  I was kept awake by my arm... no matter how I slept, it was painful!  So, off to the doctors I went.  And I had pinched my Ulna Nerve (aka:  Funny Bone Nerve) and inflamed it.  Soooo, what I have to do is stop working on my Crafty Pegs and stay off the computer.  Well, I'm doing one of those things - hehee.  Hey, I'm a writer, I'm not giving away my writing that easily; not while I'm working on a book.

So, that was October.  It was fun, it's become hot and sticky... there wasn't a speck of rain in it.  But at the end of it, I've been told to sit down and relax.  How has your month been?  Busy like mine, then having to follow the doctor's orders?  Or just the same as before?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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