Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two Days...

The nerves kicked in at around the same time the Kookaburras woke us up this morning: 5:45am.  Soon after, it began to rain.  I didn't sleep very well after that and just dozed through the light shower of rain, listening to the birds screech and carry on afterwards, as though they were in a massive bird bath.

After my other two alarms went off, I got up, dressed and knew today was going to be cooler than the other days this week - this was going to be a change; a good one.  This also meant the weather was going to be different for us over the coming weeks.  After this Saturday, I'll have to be careful with my health because I won't have my long hair to keep my back and neck warm.

Isn't it amazing how much we rely on our hair to do that?

Well, for a good part of the day, I kept my mind active by hanging out here on the net.  But even that has its limits.  I looked in on the Lucky Dip I've been working on for the next mini-markets and found I've finished up on it, I just need the sign done up.  That won't take long.

Anyway, I ended up sitting out in the back yard writing in my journal about my nerves, how much I'm going to miss my hair and just day-dreaming, and making a to-do list for tomorrow of last minute things to get done.  I have to go to the doctors tomorrow too as well as collect the last of the money and bank it... then everyone online will know how much I've raised.  

My nerves are getting to me.  I've been eating a lot... yeah they do that to me when I'm not keeping myself busy.  Fortunately, I eat good healthy food and drink a lot of milk.  So, when I'm nervous, you'll see me eating or looking at the contents of a fridge or pantry for no reason... just that I'm nervous (not bored), and usually it's at my house I'll do it. 
And today, I did eat a lot and then hated myself for it.  Tonight, I ended up working on a few new things for the markets and 'got bored'... so I washed up absolutely everything in the kitchen and wiped down the counters.  I'm hoping to get into more cleaning before Saturday morning.  I could knock over more things around the house and make sure the place looks better.

Hmmm, should really put away the laundry, clean the bathroom and toilets... yeah, that's turn off a lot of nervous energy in a few hours tomorrow morning.

I'll see how I go tomorrow and work on making sure I have everything right before I get into the weekend.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the inner workings of a nervous person... yep, me... until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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