Sunday, March 1, 2015

Logan Car Show

Today I was off to the Logan Car Show.  It was amazing!  At first, I thought not to go, all because I didn't know anyone there; but then, I wanted to see the cars.  It was only $5.00 entry and Triple M was sponsoring the show (strangely enough, I hadn't heard it on the airwaves of it being advertised... weird that). 

Anyway, I dressed myself up and got going to the place and - wow! - it was filled to the brim with cars of all sorts. From vintage Taxis to an old hearse or two, this show had it all.  I saw rides, craft stalls and food stalls, there was a stage which rocked a couple of bands to keep the crowds entertained... and there was even a pizza-oven there too!  

But I loved the cars.

So many cars!

I even found a 1958 Plymouth Fury - a red one - which looked just like 'Christine'.  Actually the first words out of my mouth, when I came across it was: 'Oh my god!  Christine!' the people sitting next to it laughed telling me that the owner might not call it that, but yeah, it was a '58 and a duplicate - and that he owned a blue one at home!

Just before I left, I went by to drool over the Fury again, and found the owner there.  He and I had a good chat about the car and he let me sit in her!  Man, it was creepy and beautiful at the same it!  I never thought I'd be able to be anywhere near such a gorgeously creepy car as this, but I was.  And it's much bigger than you'd think.  I got plenty of photos of this car, and had photos of me in it and standing next to it too!  What a car, and what a day!  I was so happy to have see a car such as this!

Well, after leaving the Logan Car Show, I was off to my folks' house to see them.  Mum said it would be great to see me too.  So, I showed up and they were happy I had a good time there.  I showed her the photos on my phone and they were both amazed at the cars and how close I got to the Plymouth Fury.
Then Gabe and Kat showed up and I showed Gabe, he was happy I had gotten to meet a 'Christine' in my lifetime, and gotten photos of it too - as well as sit in the driver's side of it.  

Too soon, we were all on our ways home.  It was then, they all noticed how sunburnt I was.  I hadn't felt it or noticed it, but Gabe noticed it first, then Kat... I hadn't known about it really until I got home and put the Banana-Boat After Sun Gel on.  I'm so glad I have that in the fridge.  It really worked a treat.  At around 6pm, I took a nice long shower and worked on the sunburn with an in-shower moisturiser and then rubbed in a rich moisturiser to help it along.  Before going to bed tonight, I'll be rubbing in Nivea Night Cream to give it more moisture as I sleep. 

Tomorrow is Craft Day.  Two ladies won't be there... pity, so much has happened.  Oh well, it'll give me so much more to do I guess.  Might take along my hand-sewing instead of painting tomorrow... it'll be a difference in my work.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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