Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good God! Good Grocery Day!

Today was an impressive day indeed! 

Have you ever had one of those days where you weren't really in any hurry to get anywhere, and yet, when you just let the day happen... great things happened to you that you just didn't expect? 

This was one of those great days!

It started out when I had to get petrol for the car.  Okay, I had to wait for the customer in front of me to finish fiddling with her car, but then like I said, I wasn't really in any hurry to get anywhere.  After she took off, I filled the tank and went to pay.  Once inside, a man came up to the count and put a coupon onto it saying, 'There you go luv, have it.  It's free.  I work for the company.' and walked out.  The lady behind the counter looked at the coupon and said it was real.  I didn't get a chance to thank him as he was gone so fast.  Darn!  But I picked out a dark chocolate and cranberry protein bar (which was what was for free that his coupon was for).  How cool was that?  

Well, I took off to do my shopping, and I had a plan in mind for it.  I was going to do my normal shopping at Coles and then go to the Rochedale Fruit'n'Veggies Market for my fruit and veggies - to see if it turned out cheaper.  You see, I'd dropped in there the other week and found the lettuce I had bought was fresh, delicious and crisp!  And the milk I had also bought was cheap... so I thought to buy my food there.  It's turned out that I'm spending the same amount of money on fruit and veggies, but it's not only fresher, but better-looking and there's more variety too.  And they put it all into a box for you if you have a lot - which they did - and carry it out to your car for you!  Now, that's service.  

Well, before I did that, I was still at Logan Central Plaza and I ordered in a few retro films I don't have.  They're John Hughes films I don't have and do love.  Well, the girl at 'Woodys' told me there was a pack of them online she could order in for me for $30 and there were 6 movies which had 3 of the ones I wanted and an extra 3 for about $15 cheaper than it would be to buy them individually.  So, that's what I did.  I also ordered in 'St Elmo's Fire'.  I remember watching it when it first came out but have no real idea what it's about (it's kinda like 'The Big Chill' I think).  Otherwise, all up, I'm spending about $50 on 7 movies.  Not a bad deal.

I did have a good day.  I bought new make-up, new mascara and got a new box for my themed stuff to be held in, so it's not all over the house.  Otherwise, I'm hoping to have another clean-out soon.  It's due.  So, how was your day?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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