Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What a Busy Month!

Wow! I seriously thought I was going to be able to get back in here and let you all know what was going on at some point, but after the successful work going on in my garden, I just seem to get into a roll of jumping into it whenever I saw money in my bank account and forgot to talk about anything going on.

Plus, we had a few freaky things going on around the unit complex which I didn't know how to approach. But gotta tell ya, if you know anyone who's addicted to ice, you'll know how freaky-scary it is to hear them flip out. However, we had two of them in the unit complex and every neighbour I saw was peaceful and hard-working became as scared as I am. I started wondering if my car was going to be in one piece or would I be woken up by my smoke alarm or loud noises outside my window late at night. Yeah I slept pretty light - and there were some nights I didn't sleep at all; not until the wee hours of the morning.

Now, just over last weekend just gone, we got some silence in the place, and the we all managed to sleep the whole night through. But we can still feel the tension in the place... as though we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think we're all going to be like this for a while.

But my backyard is looking great! I've got another month to go until it's all finished - and that includes working on my front garden a little to perk it up too. And in the next month, I'll have to get in and work on the lawn; leveling it out, making it grow and then once it's all done, I'll look at putting in nice stepping stones to set off the new look. Those will stay here when I move out, so they offset the nice lawn and make the garden area look and feel homey and cute.

Otherwise, art class is going really well and I'm at the pointy end of The Brunswick Picture House. I really want to work on the signage of it, but Aaron wants me to wait. However, he's always taught me to bring everything forward in a painting at the same time; not leave anything behind. Oh well, I'll leave the sign and let him ask me why I left it for so long. Yeah, this has happened before. 

Since Hannah's death, I've had a few bad days. There's times where I'll see something or hear somebody sing like her and I'll feel awful that I couldn't help her when she really needed me. But then, I'll remember that no matter what, I couldn't have helped her at all with anything in her life. She wasn't letting anyone near her over there, so how would she allow me near her? Many other people who are her friends have been asking the same questions about it all too - coming up with the same answers. 

This month, we've had some of the coldest weather - and I've loved every minute of it! But we've also had some of the driest weather too... which means our farmers are in drought. I'm only hoping they get some relief when the Summer months come around. It's one of the driest Winters we've had; as Winter is normally not only a time for the cold, but we also get a bit of rain too. In August, we get those horrible Westerly Winds - which makes it even colder for us and makes the flu bite us worse! 

Well, I hope I've come through this year unscathed from the colds or flus - as I have yet to catch any (touch wood!) and it'd be good to not catch anything this year. Well, I can dream, can't I? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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