Friday, April 10, 2015

A Spare Month... Busy As Hell!

I thought having a month without a market to go to would be relaxing... boy was I wrong!  This week I have had almost every day out and about.  

On Sunday, I went to a friends' house to cook them Easter Lunch and to catch up with them - as I hadn't seen them in ages, along with Will Cornivus.  I didn't get home until around 9pm!  But my stir-fry was wonderful!

Then Monday was a public holiday.  I slept in, and caught up with a few things around the house.  Then, on Tuesday, I checked the mail, bought some antihistamines and went to the Logan Art Gallery to pick up a copy of my roster.  Well!  That turned into an afternoon of me being up to my elbows in plaster!  I seriously didn't mean it to be, but it did.  I found myself making a plaster torso with some teenagers and a couple of adults.  It was so much fun!

That night, I was out and about at the Logan North Library learning how to write a memoir at Karen Tyrrell's course there.  It was only about an hour or so long but I scored some great information on what to do and what not to do; and I have some good ideas on how to write mine... well, okay, a couple of them.

Wednesday was the longest day out shopping ever!  I left the house at 8:45am and arrived home at around midday or so.  I had over-spent - and in a good way too!  I bought new pillows for my bed, found some great clothes at Life Line and then bought a couple of badges for ANZAC Day for Mum, Dad and myself.  Then, I was off to Coles for a top-up shop.  I had to buy a few things I needed for the house and around the place... and before I knew it, I was off home.  But I did spend a lot of money... more than I was supposed to, but then, I guess that happens sometimes.

Yesterday, I did a lot of laundry and hung it out.  I did so much laundry that I had to pull out the clothes horse and use it outside... yeah there wasn't enough room on the clothes line.  But most of it got dry.  I had to use the clothes horse inside and put the jeans and skirts on it overnight.  Otherwise the rest of the all was dried. 
I did go out yesterday to look at a jacket in 'Rivers' at Springwood.  They were having a sale of coatigans - these are long cardigans - and I had my eye on a burgundy one which was only $18 down from $30... not a bad price if you ask me.  However when I arrived there, they only had them in XXL and not Small... and the size would have been massive in Small anyway.  So, I looked around and found the other styles were nice, but in colours which made me looked either washed out or enormous.  So, I did gave up on looking at the jackets and looked at underwear and socks (because I do need to buy new pairs in each).  I found a cool pair of knickers and a nice pair of socks and then there were some scarves which I could throw into the car this Winter just in case I needed them.  they weren't too long and could pack away in the boot of the car; and the scarves were only $1.00 each!  So, I sorted through them and found the colours I loved and grabbed them.
I got to Mum and Dad's place - eventually - put the ANZAC badges on the counter and sat down and did some knitting with a cup of tea next to me.  I thought they would arrive home within the next hour or so.  However, they didn't.  Time marched on, and I looked at my watch... I needed to get home and pull in the laundry.  So, I texted Mum and told her I had to head off home.  It ended up that they were hanging out at an Aunt and Uncle's place in Holland Park.
I arrived home, pulled in the laundry - like I said - and then made a pizza dough just as 'Mork & Mindy' came on the television.  It turned out to be a good evening of pizza, finishing off my Easter chocolate.  

I've had sinus lately, and it feels like a cold; but it's not really.  And everyone I've spoken to has had the same thing this week or last week!  So, it's been going around really quickly.  Anyway, I'm getting over mine pretty fast... I've been taking the antihistamines, Horse Radish and Garlic pills twice a day and sleeping like a log at night on new pillows (speaking of which, I have to give Mum and Dad the old ones for the van).  

Today, I'm home again for most of the day.  I have a chiropractor's appointment this afternoon, so I will be hopefully staying here at home and taking it easy until then.  Tomorrow, I have another full day out and on Sunday I'm hanging out here to see how it all goes with my house again... so how was your week?  Busy like mine?  Or SSDD (same shit, different day)... Stephen King has come up with some wonderful quotes hasn't he?  Well until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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