Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wow! What A Week!

It's been very busy this week.

Really busy.  Busier than usual.  But that's a good thing really.

I had my craft day on Monday where I sat and knitted my dish cloths and looked at a few things brought in by the ladies.  I scored myself a very cool utensil holder from Bendigo Pottery... and I've been to the place where it was made; which made it even better to own.

Then, on Tuesday, a friend of mine dropped around and picked up the old Singer Sewing Machine he offered to buy off me.  Will was tickled pink about it!  He loved how aged it was, how easy it was to pull apart and he and Viv (another friend of ours) stuck around for lunch.  They left around 3pm... a great day spent with two wonderful friends.

Wednesday was spent at the Logan Art Gallery for 6 hours... I was working on a plaster cast torso.  I sat down and worked wet plaster into the shape of a book.  This wasn't easy, but it worked - especially when I got some paint onto it and then got the shading done on the book!  It really started to take shape!
But before long, it was time to go home; and we all have to go back tomorrow to finish up our work.

Today, I paid the car insurance and the RACQ.  I went to the doctors for blood test results and to have a few things looked at on my head (it's so much easier now my hair is so much shorter!).  Then, I was off to Mum and Dad's place for a few hours of knitting and lunch before they took off to Greenslopes to visit my Dad's brother in hospital.  

Yep, this week has been busy.  I'll be happy to just kick back this Saturday and do nothing until Monday... when I have to wait for the antenna guy to show up and fix the reception on my television.

How's your week been?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here!


  1. How's your Uncle? Is she home from hospital?

    1. Yes, he is. He's a misery-guts; moaning and groaning about everything. But it's just part and parcel of recovery.