Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Busy Morning!

Man I've had a busy day - and it's only going onto 1:30pm.

This morning, I shifted the coffee table from my living room and into my kitchen, after putting everything on it onto the kitchen table.  The terrarium had already been moved to get more light into it from the back kitchen window, so it didn't need to be moved anywhere, and so I had it all moved and I vacuumed the living room floor - sneezing the whole time.
Then, I shook the Preen Cleen Powder onto it, broomed it in and then set my phone's timer on for 20 minutes and went outside for a read on my phone with an ice coffee.

I had to do this three times before the carpet came up nice and clean... but man!... did some dirt come out of that carpet!  I am amazed at how clean my carpet really is!  I thought it was clean before I Preened it... now it's even better - and I'm not sneezing!

This is some great stuff!  I don't know what's in this stuff, and I really I don't care, but it worked so well!  It did wet the carpet, but not very much... so seeing the temperature was nice and cool today, I found it dried in the 20 minutes required.  So, if today was a hot day, it would have taken longer.

After I finished putting everything back - and throwing out two more bags of rubbish into the bin - I got in and washed the kitchen floor with Pine-o-Clean. It's a new floor-cleaning product they put out that doesn't smell like vomit; instead it smells like pomegranate.  It's a lovely smell and doesn't make you make you want to puke... this is a good thing.  And now my kitchen floor is nice and clean; and I want to get in and wash it every week because of the smell of the floor cleaner... now that says something about the product!

While I was waiting for my kitchen floor to dry, I went out into the backyard and pruned the Large Leaf Jade.  It's been looking very straggly and so I did a bit of trimming and turned it around so the back of it can see the sun in the afternoons, and it'll grow.
Then, I shared my cuttings with my back neighbours who are from overseas.  The man wasn't sure what to do with it until he saw it was a cutting and took it inside to his wife, who was thrilled I had given it to them.
I found a few more cuttings that looked okay and took them over to Sheryl's place at unit 42 and she was happy to take some too; as her Mum loves gardening and gardens.

Anyway, I got a lot done this morning... and now all I want to do is chill out on the computer for the next hour or so and not worry too much about my hay-fever.  I haven't sneezed much since doing my living room carpet... so I may do it every few weeks just to keep it clean, and to keep my health good.

So, how has your morning been?  Busy-busy like mine?  Or just average?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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  1. I prefer to forget that day as it was only 24 hours since the news broke about my Aunt