Friday, May 1, 2015

A Lot of Rain

A lot of rain has been falling over Brisbane over the last 48 hours; and our cyclone season just finished yesterday... how ironic can ya get?

Well, yesterday, it wasn't so bad, so I hung around at Mum and Dad's house for a bit and then came home. 
While I was there, I worked on getting a few labels printed out and laminated.  Then, I wrapped up the dishcloths I had worked on over the last few months and put the labels inside them... they look so cute! Before long, I went home.
Today, I went there to pick up my camera and stayed for a few hours, and found it was becoming worse and worse over that time.  So, I decided to head on home around 4pm.

I've driven in this kind of weather before, and it's not pleasant... I find it kind of scary because you can't control what goes on around you, mainly because you can't see that much outside your car.

While driving along Compton Road, I kept my speed down and the headlights on. However, some idiot thought to speed along the right hand lane to get ahead.  They didn't think that splashing through the puddles on the road would affect anyone around him/her as they sped past all of us, but it did.  I had my window down a little so I could hear what was going on outside as they passed me and I copped a lot of water inside the car, all over my windscreen and on my bonnet... this caused me to brake as I wound up my window because I couldn't see where I was going.

Oh, the red car could.

Damned idiot!

Anyway, I got home safely and put the car away.

Not two hours later, I was outside in the rain pulling up the storm drain next to my house because my carport was filling with water.  Yep, there was that much water running through the place.

So, how are things at your place - if you live around Brisbane?  And if you're overseas, how's the weather where you are?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. Friday wasn't a good day for us! My Aunt's funeral was on that day. My daughter's flight was four hours delayed to return home. I taken three hours to drive near the airport.