Sunday, May 3, 2015

Be Considerate

Be considerate to those around you who are less fortunate, because you may have something they don't.

Be considerate to the elderly. They have lived a life before your own and they can see where you're going in yours - even if you can't see your path as yet.

Be considerate to the people on the roads. I was always told that having the ability to drive a car was a privilege, not a right. And to act like a moron on the roads was to put not only yourself in danger, but also others who have done you no wrong.

Be considerate to yourself. Allow yourself to heal when you've been sick, cry when you've been hurt, hate a little when somebody has insulted you.  However, never hold a grudge as you'll only injure yourself in the long run.

Be considerate to your neighbours. You can't choose who you live next to or around, however you can be kind and caring to those you live near. Keep your noise levels low, make sure your lights don't interfere with their lifestyle and stay on their good side as much as possible - you never know when you'll need their help at some point in your life.

Be considerate to your family. They are who brought you up, made you who you are, helped you through everything you've ever experienced in life and will be there when you need them (hopefully). And when you need a shoulder to cry on, they are the ultimate support system.

Be considerate to your friends. This is when your family doesn't end with blood. Friends are the family you have chosen to come into your life. Sometimes friends are your family when your own blood relatives fail you; and they become your ultimate support system - and that's just as good as a family.

Be considerate to our planet. Leave this only home the way you want the next generation to leave it to the next generation.  Sure, technology is great, but we still want trees around, the oceans to be clean and animals to be around too. Work with Mother Nature, not against her.

Be considerate... 

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