Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Home Office Clean Out - Yet Again!

Now, how many times have I cleaned out the office here at home? Um... (counts on her fingers)... I don't keep track, but I know it's the one room which quickly turns into a junk room in my house.

Well, not anymore!

I have had the great fortune to have found a gorgeous chair in my unit complex and I'm currently fixing it up. It's taken me two days already, and three coats of stain, and the chair looks almost brand new.

Exactly why people throw out good furniture which only needs a touch-up of stain and a bit of polish is beyond me.  I saw its potential and loved the style of it - and have always wanted a chair just like this one in my home - and pounced on it immediately!

Now, the office is undergoing some very permanent changes. I've moved things around in the wardrobe so my vacuum cleaner, ladder and other things will fit completely (and yes, the doors close on it).  Around 15 handbags are destined to be given away at Vinnies, with a few going to some relatives, while another few are going to still find a home with me. I've emptied out two tiny milk crates and I'm happy to report I've rediscovered a piece of floor which hasn't been seen in around five years.

Five years!

Now, that's progress!

I also found a piece of artwork I made called 'Opening Night' which I have yet to hang on the walls here.  I'll have to find some more hooks for the walls here and hang it by the window hopefully... it ought to be good; as my office isn't only for books, it's also an art gallery for book-related art.  This will make this room very quirky and unusual, and this is what I want it to be.

I'm so happy this is happening the way I have been hoping.  It's been a busy day with a bit of work on the chair this morning, and work here at home this afternoon.  Dad's proud of me and how I'm dedicating myself to the chair; however, once that chair is finished - over the next few weeks - I'll be working on the bath table I've had at their place for the bedroom.  Once that's done, I'll bring that little thing home, set it up in my bedroom, get rid of the chair in there and put it where the chair used to be. It will be the first thing you see when you walk into my room by the window... it will set the feel of my room.

So, after this room is clean and tidy, and I have cleaned the carpet here properly, the chair will have returned.  Then, I'll return to my parent's house to work on the next thing that I've left there in the laundry to bring it home.  I have the jug and basin kit... and soon it will be all put together. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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