Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sleepless In Logan

Yep, you read right... I am having a huge bout of insomnia, and I hate it.

I'm okay during the day. I'm eating well, doing all my normal things, but when night falls, I just can't sleep well.

I'm not drinking too much caffeine or sugar before bed. Nor am I doing anything too much that'll keep me awake either... I'm not really sure what's going on, but I really hope I can get back to my normal sleeping patterns before too long.

Honestly I think it started a few days ago when my Reading Chair didn't show up on the day it was supposed to. I had rung the place and asked them when to expect its delivery and they told its work hadn't even been started yet. 

I was so disappointed! I was told that it was to be delivered to the upholstery place by last Thursday so they'd get working on it the next day... then it would be ready for me the following Friday (29th, May). But when I called up, they said the job had been moved to this coming week. I explained what I had been told and the man said he was really sorry and that he'd put my chair ahead of the next job; that it wasn't right that I was kept waiting for an extra week.

This was the first night I couldn't sleep... I think it was because I really wanted my chair here at home. I know that sounds silly to be so possessive about a chair, but I worked really hard on it to make it look wonderful. And now, it's being held up at the upholsterers because of a jobsheet. Well, that just shits me off... excuse my language, but it does.

Anyway, this month, I've been cleaning out the home office, knitting bigger dishcloths, madly finding more crochet yarn and doing commission work as well. I also have had a reading slump which feels more like a decade-long drought! I have only read three books this year - three! I'm usually onto my eighth or ninth book... not my third. And as for my writing?  Well, it sucks.  There's no new books.  I finished 'Fry Nelson' and 'Angel Love' in December and .. well... that's been it, no more ideas since. That sucks too.

So, when I found the chair, I was happy.  I'm also working on other things to fix up too.  But with this week a bust - as it's a week before the markets, shopping week and me organising what needs to be taken to the markets and what stays home - nothing will be done in the way of working on the wash table or magazine rack I found for the office.

Yes, this month has been busy.  I'm not sleeping well, but I'm eating okay.  I'm not writing or reading much, but I'm buying books (how's that for irony!) and yet life still goes on... and my office remains tidy.  Now, that's an accomplishment within itself, don't you think?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 


  1. To me sounds like you have too much on your mind. Have you thought of trying yoga?

    1. Aah, yes, Yoga. I've been into it for years, however don't have the space for it anymore. So, I have been meditating lately, which is a good thing for me.

      I think I'll get into the stretches and breathing exercises again. They'll be good for me for when I pick it up again.