Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crisp Winter Mornings

Over the last few mornings, we've woken to the lovely crisp cool of a Brisbane Winter.  How wonderful is that? 

I love Winter.  It's got so much to offer me to keep me either in bed snuggled under my duvet, or out and about in my garden re-potting my plants.

Either way, I win in this season.

I love the cold of this season, I really do.

You see, I don't catch colds or flu that often, and when I do get a cold, it doesn't last that long; and I work the markets - which means, everyone has a cold or flu goes there and spreads it.  However, I never catch it. I get the sniffles for a little bit, take care of it with a bit of rest, plenty of fluids and lots of garlic and I'm back on my feet within a few weeks.

Anyway, I love this season because of the cold.  With the cold, you can put on plenty of layers and cook the comfort foods, and it feels good to eat nice hot foods... whereas in Summer, you can only take off so many layers of clothing until you start offending people.

Besides, I seem to get more done at this time of year than any other time.  I get more of my craft work done, more gardening done, more cooking of my favourite meals ... more reading... and more sleeping.  I am seriously at my best in every way at this time of year than any other point in the year... it's amazing and strange to peak at the coldest time of year when usually everyone else is hibernating more and moving to warmer climes to holiday, and I'm out in the garden making it all work out for me.

Isn't that wonderful?

Well, it's been a busy day for me today. 

I've been out and about shopping - grocery shopping - and I received a text about my Reading Chair from the upholsterers; it'll be home tomorrow afternoon.  Yay!  I'll be able to move the hall table into my bedroom tomorrow morning and my new little table for it into that room too... readying the area for the chair.  Might even take out the light fitting and bulb just in case they need to lift the chair up; and they need the room.

But I bought up big today for the next few weeks... plenty of vegetables, some Miso Soup for the weekend and plenty of great stuff in the pantry; which is actually overflowing with food right now.

Well, that's it for today.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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