Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Illegal Turns

Where I live, there's no two way road to drive out onto to. It's one way to the left and that's it. So, when I want to come from the other side of the street, there's a huge island I have to use the side lane (which cuts into the traffic island) to get across two lanes of traffic; and this is a main road too.

It's been a huge danger for people traveling along the road to have pedestrians walking along the island, kids stepping out in front of cars when you're trying to slow down enough to turn and keeping an eye on other traffic coming in the other direction... and then we have the idiots who come out from the Puma service station next door to where I live who think it's perfectly okay to perform a u-turn right where I'm trying to legally turn into my unit complex.

I've come across this kind of driver twice now.

The strange thing that's occurred on both occasions is that these drivers will give me a foul look - as though I was in the wrong for blocking them access to their little bit of illegal activity. 

Now, call me a tight-arse or a bitch, but I have seen enough people cause unnecessary accidents through doing this here.  And it's not just coming out of the driveway that this has occurred: it's also people using that lane to cut across onto the wrong side of the road and into the 'out' driveway as a shortcut. I've seen accidents happen when people have zipped across and not seen a car come out of the driveway, all because they were looking at the traffic they were hoping to avoid on the wrong side of the road - and smash! - they have caused an accident which really didn't need to caused.

There's another place where I've been trying to get a yellow line placed, but the Logan City Council continuously ignores the facts about the dangers. It's the space between the driveways of where the Slacks Creek Post Office is.  People park their cars and trucks between the driveways and cause people driving out of the 'out' driveway massive headaches because they can't see beyond that truck or car, and nobody can see anything coming out of Randall Street. I've watched people get t-boned because of this problem, and Kingston Road is half-closed for hours just so they can clean it up. This has happened a couple of times; and yet the LCC still won't do anything about it.

Why must we wait until a fatality occurs for the LCC to do something about traffic safety.  Even the police can see there's something wrong with the street there, and they've advised the Logan City Council; and nothing has been done.

Now, people who don't can't see past the trucks and cars parked to obscure our sight are squeezing out of the 'in' driveway while cars are coming off Kingston Road, causing all kinds of problems.  Not only can they not see beyond the cars coming into that driveway, but by making drivers come to a screaming halt suddenly, they are also putting us in danger of having a multi-car accident due to the amount of cars already on the road behind us having to adjust, and the cars coming out of Randall Street not realising there's a traffic problem just on the corner as well.

How the Logan City Council can't see this is going to become worse, is beyond me. There's ample parking within the small shopping complex - and if there isn't, people can either come back later, or find a park further down the street before the bus stop safely. Either way, something has to be done, or the post office and the shops inside there will begin to lose business due to the safety and road hazards being created by the Logan City Council ignoring what's right under their noses.

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  1. If you think your local area is bad with bad drivers, go interstate as I have seen the worse idiots there! Which could explain why we have the bad number of deaths in QLD now because interstate drivers move up to QLD to live and continue to drive like they own the road.