Friday, June 12, 2015

My Cold-Buster Soup!

It's Winter here and everyone who's everyone has come down with the dreaded cold and flu; and I have a cold-buster soup to put that horrible thing out the door - or at the very least start it on its way.

I thought I had added it to my 'recipes' tag, but I haven't - and I was surprised about that, seeing most of my best recipes have landed here for all of you to have a go at.

Anyway, here we go!


1/4 pumpkin chopped sliced up and skinned (Jap Pumpkin or Kent Pumpkin work the best in this).
1/2 orange sweet potato sliced and diced.
2 carrots sliced and diced finely.
2 cloves of garlic chopped finely - not crushed - best to have fresh and not bottled(optional, but in this better for the natural antibiotic).
1 tablespoon of Olive oil 
2 cups of water.
Paprika, parsley, season to taste.
Sour cream
Crusty bread.


Cook the carrot first, then the sweet potato and pumpkin and garlic until soft. Add the 2 cups of water.  Once it starts to simmer, put it on medium heat and cook for 25 minutes. While it's doing that, put the bread in the oven for the same length of time (it will be ready by the time the soup is). Add paprika, parsley and salt and pepper to taste.

Once the timer has gone off, get out your potato masher, turn off the heat and mash it all up into tinier pieces, then pull out your one-handed electric blender and a towel and blitz it until it's either smooth or chunky (depending on what you like) and serve it up with the bread.

Dollop in the sour cream, sprinkle with parsley and ... yum!

enjoy... and don't just make it because you have a honky, disgusting cold; make it because it's also chock fill with great vitamin C and helps you through Winter as well.

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