Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Busy Little Week

It seems that whenever my folks go out of town, for any length of time, I get a huge social life.  It's amazing what I get up to when I really look around.

On Sunday, I didn't do much.  I hung around the place, read the paper over pancakes and did some reading in my lovely Reading Chair. Otherwise, it was a nice day to keep to myself here at home. During the day, I did some knitting to finish off some dishcloths and my next door neighbour's boyfriend asked me if I could drive him to his new work on Monday; I said yes.
The next day, I was up early to take him around to his employment agency to find out where he was working.  We had to get uniforms for him and I had to go to the bank to sign something there, then we were off back to the unit complex until later that afternoon when I drove him to his workplace for his first shift.  The bummer thing for that Monday was that I missed my craft afternoon; never mind, there is always next Monday.

During the week it rained on and off and we had some really cold nights. Otherwise, I have been working hard on looking for magnets for my next lot of work on Crafty Pegs, without success.  

On Sunday night, I got talking to a great friend of mine, Ben Pommerel, who I hadn't seen in years!  We organised to meet up for lunch on Thursday and look at vinyls at Carindale Westfield Shopping Centre; and did!  It was a great day out and I bought 'Joan Jett & the Blackhearts' I Love Rock'n'Roll... great album and a remastered vinyl of Etta James. I also scored an adult colouring-in book titled 'Animal Kingdom' by Millie Marotta. What a book!  I bought it at Riot Art and it's just the most gorgeous book that I might photocopy a few pages first before settling in and colour in the originals... dunno yet.

Well, on Friday I didn't do much.  I just stayed home and tidied up a little and found magnets in bulk on ebay... now I swore to never get involved with ebay again, but I really, really need magnets; and they are sold on there for absolutely dirt bottom prices - and the lot I found were right here in Brisbane and shipping was free! So, I thought to get them sent... over 500 magnets for just $14.00! What a bargain!

This brings us to today - Saturday.  I've done most of my laundry - all 3 loads - and I've been able to hang it outside where it's fine and windy (for a change). The rubbish has been put out.  I've played both my new vinyls and am enjoying my first weekend to myself in a while... because next weekend, I'm going to busy yet again. 

So, how has this week been for you? Busy I bet! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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