Sunday, July 5, 2015

Busiest Few Days

I haven't been on here too much; and I have a good reason - so much has been going on!

This week was also a shopping week and I got a lot done there as well.  With all my bills showing up all at once (as they do sometimes) I've been kept on my toes and life has been anything but boring.

So, I'll start at the beginning of the past week...

We've had some rain and cold weather and so I have been doing my laundry and hanging it up inside the house, making my place look like it's never tidy. And even when I do get the laundry down, there's always more to hang up.

Last Monday, I scored myself a cool mug-holder for my counter and some tiny colourful cups at my craft group. Then, afterwards, I went out and bought a large canvas to paint on later that week at the cheap bargain store down the road. Seeing it rained for a good part of the day, I went straight home and vegged out in front of the television.

By 1st, June, I had organised all my paint, ideas and photos for the painting I was going to do for my piece for my bedroom.  I even got in and packed my work bag to leave... you see I was off to Geoff and Viv's place to spend the day and night there to work on it.
The next morning, I did just that and worked on the painting from around 11am until the same time that night. Man, did I crash! It was amazing to wake up the next day and find how much I had gotten done in one day!
While I was there that morning, I cooked pancakes for breakfast and their daughter, Zoe loved them!  She hoovered down 5 of those things and a lot of fruit, and still wanted more. After that, Geoff, Zoe and I went for a good long walk around some of the walking paths through Thorneside. This area is so pretty, and nothing like Woodridge; and the parks! I love this area, and feel so safe.  Well, before long, it was almost midday and I packed up my gear and the car and drove off home. 

On Saturday, I went out to an InHouse Publishers Open Day event. This was when they opened their doors to writers who want to get published and wish to see inside their place for one day.  It was a great few hours to hang out there and see how they worked.
I then was off to my folks' house where they were unpacking from their holiday up north. Mum gave me a lovely necklace and we talked and had some drinks and they had a late lunch.  Then, just before I left, we saved a dog from being hit by a car on their road. His name was Reg and he had run away from home on Thornhill Street - only one street away - and he didn't know his way home. So, we called the number on his collar and his owners came and picked him up. Man, was he so happy to see her when she arrived; as they had been driving around looking for him. 

Well, I went home after that and made myself dinner, worked on my new painting and then settled in for a relaxing night of watching a dvd while I knitted. Very cool... actually it was very cold last night. It's definitely a nice cold Winter here in Brisbane. Well, Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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