Friday, July 10, 2015

Antarctic Conditions Arriving to Queensland

Yep!  Winter is certainly going to show its face over the next few days, and into next week - and it's beginning to get cold already and it's only 2:30pm Friday afternoon.

It's called an Antarctic Trough, where a freezing cold blast comes up from Antarctica and freezes us solid here in Australia.  Now, for a sub-tropic state, that's not good if you're not used to it; but we've had this a few times before - and I remember going to work in one of these and thankfully having a great thick parka to wear while I was working at RACQ years ago.

I've just put on some fingerless gloves to make my hands more comfortable - but really it's making typing this post a little harder than I expected. I'm raising my wrists higher than needed so I don't bump any keys by accident I don't want to press... funny, yeah, but I have to slow down my typing to make this right.

Two hours ago, I started the slow-cooker on a veggie soup so it warms up the house.  And sooner than usual, I'll be closing up the house so it's not cold... maybe it's just me, I'm not sure.  But I have felt the cold drift in over the last half hour.

Well, it's heating up overseas, freezing cold here in Australia... we were told about strange weather over the next few years.  But that's Earth for ya... an ever-changing planet. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and warm or cool, and remember, I'm always here.

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