Thursday, July 30, 2015


Today, I went out to suss out a tattoo parlour at Springwood. I came home with a tattoo on my wrist... yep, I did one of my daring things on my bucket list - and that was to get a tattoo.

I've been sussing out where to get a tattoo for a few weeks now and have been narrowing the search down in my area so I don't have to drive too far to get one if I want one.

But today, I went out to Old Skool Tattoo on Springwood Road and asked them about getting a semi-colon tattooed onto me. The good thing about getting one of these put onto yourself is that it tells so much about you without you saying anything to people... it tells people that you've had a rough life, lived through abuse of some kind, had depression and anxiety and have hit rock bottom; and yet you've come out the other side to live your life changed but not giving up. 

My life hasn't been perfect. I've had domestic abuse, miscarried a baby, aborted another (I hadn't had my injections to keep her) and then when I tried to get back into the dating scene, the men treated me like crap. Then, behind the scenes, in my medical life, I found my medicines caused anxiety and depression problems (which I try not to let anyone in on too much) and yet, when I talk to my therapist, he's impressed at how far I've come.

It was about two weeks ago I decided to get the semi-colon tattooed onto me; to prove to myself that I am most definitely a survivor, and will be one for a long time to come.

And you know? I'll be getting more tattoos done at the same place... I guess it's true: once you start on getting tattoos, you don't stop; it's an addiction. But I'm going to save up the cash and get the ones I really do want over the next year or so. 

The best thing I found about Old Skool Tattoos is that they sit and talk to you about what you're going to get done before you do. If you're a first-timer, they chat to you about how it's all done, where to put your first tattoo, what to expect, and how much it will hurt. They tell you how to care for your tattoo afterwards too... which is great. 
Before even going to the place, I read the reviews where people told that when you get bigger tattoos done, they put on a movie for you if it takes longer than half an hour, so you keep your mind occupied. This is good, it keeps the stress levels down and the tattooist can do his work without people sweating too much.

I found that one lady came into the room and waited it out with me because of my medical condition. The guy said I was going well. I said I was sweating, he laughed and said that was normal. And for those of you who have never had one done? Well, it feels like a cat is scratching you in the once place over and over... you want to pull away and swat it over the nose but you don't. After a little while, it feels a bit like you're scratching a bit of sunburn... then it's finished. It's been 12 hours and it's now starting to really pinch as it heals. But they gave me a cream to put onto it and I will go and put that on before I go to bed and when I get up tomorrow morning. I just have to keep it as dry as possible.

The one thing about tattoos I heard is that once you get one, you get addicted about getting them... and you know? I've begun planning on getting a few more. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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