Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Already!

This year is flying by so fast!

This is a funny time of year with the weather and everything happening so strangely. I've been working on a huge collection of things over the last few months that the flu caught up with me and I was forced to slow down over the last few weeks; and this was good.

Very good in fact.

I'm glad I did because I could catch up on my sleep and other things around the place - like my housework and listening to my body. Yeah, gotta do that.

And as you read in my last post, I got a tattoo. It's just starting to scab over and heal - and that's what it's supposed to do; but I have a long way to go, up to about a month of healing to go with it all.

I've been to my tattooist today to see him about a few questions I have about it; and he's impressed at how well it's healing. And that's the one thing I love about 'Old Skool Tattoo & Barber Shop' they are a family business who are friendly and great to people who want their first tattoo. I talked to Jarrod and he said my first little tattoo is healing really well... I'm so pleased!

Anyway, we got talking about the area and how long his business has been in Springwood and he was amazed that I've lived in this area longer than he thought... and just around the corner too! He was equally amazed at how much stigma Epilepsy and mental illness really does carry; seeing nobody will give me a job - so I created my own.

Well, soon afterwards, I was off to my volunteer work at the gallery where the doors were kept open all day. I thought they were stuck; but was told that a possum had died in the roof and stunk the place out! Eeeww! And they have an opening tomorrow night; which I hope the smell doesn't affect.

Well, I better be going. I did some work tonight of a few coathangers and other things around the place - as well as colouring in the first page or so of my new little colouring in book for adults. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Did someone find and remove the dead possum before the health department comes in?

    1. I'm not sure. The gallery is run by the LCC so it's their department to care for that kind of thing... I'm not kept in the loop of what they do.