Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jump In And... Go!

Cars are fun!

Seriously... they are!

I love the fact that I can just jump in my little green machine and go anywhere I please at a moment's notice. 

Today, I was here at home in the morning doing chores after eating a breakfast of pancakes with fruit and lime with sugar - yep delicious stuff! Then, after midday, I got offline and thought to grab my camera and phone and get my butt out of the townhouse complex and go for a Sunday Afternoon Drive somewhere.

Where I went didn't matter... what mattered was that I ended up at a park.

I went to Lancaster Park at Waterford West; this place is better known as The Rose Garden. It's on the corner of two main roads and is such a pretty place. After taking a lot of photos of the roses and flowers there, I was off to see if Mayes Cottage was open - however it wasn't. So, I kept on driving (yeah, didn't get out of the car) until I got to Springwood Park where every man and his dog was enjoy the warm Summer-like day - even the birds were having a wonderful time in the trees eating the flowers.

I took plenty of photos of the flowers there. I took so many photos because I'm doing a themed month for my 365er's page next month; and Springtime flowers is the theme... very nice, eh?

Well, I ended up at my parent's house for a few hours and ended up feeding the birdies and then coming home at around 5pm where I made myself a delicious salad and cleaned the kitchen... the whole kitchen (well, okay, except the floor!). 

So, that was my Sunday. Busy and a great day out. 

Still... I love driving my car... no matter how far I go in it. It's so much fun.

Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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