Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bucket List

Bucket Lists are strange things. Many people make them when they find out they have a limited amount of time on this planet left. However there's some of us who make them to get things done in our lives for when we're low on cash and are dreaming about what we want to get done.

I have had a Bucket List for a long time - years in fact - and it's been not used for a while. Nothing got ticked off it at all. Well, not until recently when I shaved my head for the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland, where I raised a lot of money.

Then I went off and got myself a tattoo... and then looked at my list and found I have done a few things on it but didn't tick them off it. 
For example: I have gotten back behind the wheel of a car again; and now own a car again. And I also started up my own business - okay it's a hobby business, but it's something. And I cleaned out one a good part of my house and got my life sorted out in a way where I'm happy with myself.

So, there's about seven things ticked off my Bucket List which have happened over the last three years. Now, that's something great, right? 

I do have other great things on my Bucket List I want to get done. One of those things is to go on a road trip somewhere (anywhere) and I'm the driver of that road trip with my car packed, money in my pocket and some places to stay... just a slight plan of where I wish to go and that's it. You know, stay in nice places where I can see great things and blog about them on a laptop. It can't be that hard to get something like this organised. But this road trip is years away, and I need to save up some money for it.

Anyway, I have other things on that Bucket List that I've been looking at. I'm only in my 40's and these things take time to do... like getting a book published. Now, if I'm successful enough at that, the money will come in faster - along with my hobby business, and greater things will happen.

Right now, the things on my Bucket List are just dreams and that's all I have. Working towards them will take time and a fair bit of luck. So, do you have a Bucket List? Having one doesn't necessarily mean you're on your last legs, it just means you want to get in and accomplish some dreams of yours. And if you do have one, have you started ticking off some of your dreams on it? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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