Sunday, August 16, 2015

Party Weekend

This past week, I've been out shopping, looking at a new way of painting my coat hangers and working on donating some of my Crafty Pegs gear to a raffle for a tattoo shop... yep, busy, busy, busy!

I've also gotten in and done some grocery shopping, housework and laundry for this weekend.  I went out to paint the town red on Friday night with a couple of friends. Man, we had a  great time!

Historically, the saying for 'paint the town red' has mixed answer to the question on Google.  The most accurate one was found here and I think it might be right. There are other meanings which are less fun around, but this one is documented in greater detail.

Anyway, we headed out to West End for dinner at Grill'd where the food and music there was great! I love eating there whenever I get into town (which isn't often) and then we took off to The Wickham to take in a band in Fortitude Valley. We sat in the beer garden where there were gas heaters and blankets on offer to keep the punters warm with lovely cushions on the wooden seats to make sure we stayed put! What a way to keep the customers happy!  And to make it even more worth our while, there's a huge Anthony Lister painting up on the wall which is only a few months old... very cool!
Before long, us three were walking to Spring Hill to our next place: a karaoke bar! Yep, we sang and danced the next three hours away. We caught a train home and got to bed at 1:30am... a great night out for all of us.

However, I didn't sleep well. My left leg cramped up really badly and I had to find a 'sweet spot' for it to stop. Two hours after we all went to bed, I finally got to sleep - this meant I was asleep at 4am instead of 2am. Not a good time for me at all.
Last night, I was hoping it didn't happen again - so I put some PainAway on my leg and was out like a light before 11pm. Yep, I was in bed a little before 10:30pm; I was so tired, and I slept straight through until 6am this morning when my alarm woke me.

My feet still hurt, my legs don't; but I can't wait to get back out there and enjoy the sights of Brisbane by night again. There's so much more to do than there used to be; as I hadn't been into the city by night for over five years. 

So, what was your weekend like? Busy, relaxing, partying or a bit of everything? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. My party years are long over! Prefer to be up late on craft camps now

    1. I just wanted to get away from it all and enjoy the city for a while... haven't seen the party scene and loved getting together with friends.