Friday, September 4, 2015

September... wow... It's here Already!

August just seemed to fly by after I got a few things sorts and out of the way - namely that my neighbours and I started talking again. Yeah, we went through a bit of a rough patch, but friends do that.

Then, during that that month, I went out on the town and partied with friends... now this was supposed to be a night of fun, enjoyment and to get my butt out there and dance a little. However it turned into a night of trying to slow one of my friends down.
You see, she's on a diet; and that night she broke away from it and ate more carbs than she was permitted. Well, she started running and didn't stop all night. She ran from club to club, leaving one other friend and myself in her dust... and this didn't make the night enjoyable at all - in fact, by 9pm, I just lagged back and gave up on trying to keep up with her.
But I did pay for this little exercise. After we arrived home at around 1:30am, had our hot chocolate and got changed into our pajamas, and were off to bed, I found that my leg with the massive scar on it cramped up so badly I was almost physically sick. Now, when this happens, nothing can help it. No amount of painkillers, stretching or hot showers or soaking in a bath will help it stop... and this is why I don't run up and down hills like my friend does all the time.
By the time I got to sleep at 4am, I was only sleeping out of exhaustion; and my alarm went off too soon for me... I told my friend's husband about what happened after we went to bed, then we told her. She said that she had to work off the excess of what she ate immediately... however, I reminded her that making me race up and down hills all night was not my idea of fun. I don't think she understood this... not until she realised I only got two hours' sleep because of the problem with my leg.

Well, it took me a good part of the next week to catch up with my lost sleep from that night.

I also had a look at my Bucket List. Hey, we all have one, but do we really do anything on that list? Well, over the last year or two, I've begun crossing off some of the things on my list - and my darned proud to say that there's quite a few things I've done on it that I didnt' think were big, but really they were. And a few of those things were done this year - like shaving my head and getting a tattoo.

Then, there were 200 Days... okay, for those who haven't read this post, this is about being conservative. You spend 200 days not buying anything new and only buying second-hand stuff or preloved things - and besides shopping for the essentials, you keep your spending to a minimum an see how much money you save up. I've read articles where people have actually ditched their credit cards and found themselves out of debt within the 200 days by paying off those cards. Pretty cool, eh? Well, I've been living with a lot of second-hand stuff in my life for so long, that to keep going isn't that bad. But to buy something new once in a while is always a joy and a pleasure; and I always find it a novelty too. 

This past month has had its ups and downs too. I've been working on new things for the markets, and staining some coat hangers for the wardrobe. I've also enjoyed getting in and doing more work on the old wash table of my Great-Grandmother's at my folks' house and also have been organising how the boxes are going to be used at the markets - as the stores box is getting way to heavy to lift; so I've moved a few things from it into another box. 

Yeah, a few things have been going on, at the house and away from it too. And yeah, I've been busily preparing a few new projects for my garden as well. But all will be revealed in time. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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