Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wow! What a Weekend!

This weekend past has been huge! 

On Friday, I washed the car and began to pack it for the upcoming market. As I pushed the back seats down,  honey bee zipped in and started pollinating the back window... I'm really not fond of bees. I think it's from my Dad being a beekeeper and him being around the little things for most of my life that I don't like them.

But anyway I got a neighbour to help me get the little worker out of my car so I could finish on packing my car. However, the bee wasn't too happy about being handled and so I headed inside and prepared my lunch for the next day. 
About an hour later, I was outside again and working on the packing again. It didn't take long and pretty soon, the car was ready to go, my lunch and snacks were in the fridge and all I had to do was pack my esky, fill the thermos and take off.

Saturday wasn't busy. But at around 10am, I was quickly packing things and getting my shit together to go. And seeing there wasn't that much to pack, I was going to be okay about everything that day.
I arrived early, unpacked my stuff, found a good park down the road and stuck around until the doors opened and then - seeing I was an hour and half early - I was able to set up without rushing. Yep, my stall looked great! However, on packing up at 6pm, I realised I had forgotten all my medication. So, I rushed it and smacked myself in the head with my large folding table (yeowch!). 
I ended up being 40 minutes late for my medication and copped a very sore forehead. But I got in an unpacked the car and put everything away while I was thinking about it - as it was Father's Day the next day, and I didn't want to be stuck with the unpacking in the morning.

So, I kicked back and didn't do too much but some colouring in with 'The Secret Garden' while 'Supernatural' played on in the background. Yeah, I was very tired and couldn't wait to get to bed.

Sunday morning was good. I got the paper, made some really great pancakes and called Dad for Father's Day. Then, I organised to take some food over to Mum and Dad's place to make a morning tea for them. On the way over there, I went to Bunnings and bought Dad two $20 vouchers and packed in a bottle of chocolate coated nuts and saltanas (the latter being an old favourite of his). I arrived at around 9:30-10am after telling a little fib that I'd be there at 11am... he was surprised and they said they hadn't eaten breakfast yet.
Oh well... I got to feed the wild birds, read a bit of my 'Good Reading' Magazine and have something to drink while I was waiting for them them to have their breakfast. 
Anyway, Dad loved the vouchers and bottle of goodies. He said he hadn't had those for years; and loved it that I remembered he likes them. It's always the simple things that make people the happiest. Well, he loved the morning tea as there was three types of cheeses, three types of biscuits, cashews, dried cranberries, blueberries, grapes, carrots and other goodies too... he was so pleased I had organised it all and brought it to him; and said they might not need lunch, there was so much food.

It was nice we could kick back and enjoy the day for what it was... and it was a such a lovely sunny day. I didn't stay all day, though, I came home around 2pm as I could see Dad wanted to have a nap before getting in and doing other things around his place - and I had stuff to do at my place too.

It was a great weekend.

Then, on Monday, I had my Craft Day. I'm learning needlepoint... it's been a challenge, seeing I'm not a needlepoint kind of person. But, I am getting it. It's all practice and counting the threads in the tapestry. I just hope I get to do more than scissor keepers... I have asked if it'd be a bad thing to look at pin cushions - not big ones, just small ones - and my teacher said that it'd be great to get into working on them. She's really happy I'm looking at doing them, it means my mind isn't stuck on doing just tiny things, I want to do bigger things too. 

Well, that's my last few days. They were big, full-on and busy. And last night I didn't sleep well for some unknown reason; but I'm catching up with the rush and work of the weekend I guess. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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