Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rain! Time to Relax.

It's been nice and sunny and warm over the last few weeks; and I've been on the go over that time too. However, the rains have come and cooled everything down - thank goodness! - and so it's time for me to slow down a little to keep myself well enough to make it to Christmas.

Yep, I've been busily working on my Crafty Pegs gear for the next few markets, my house (cleaning it out) and the garden too. 

Man, life just hasn't stopped!

Now, it's raining, I feel as though I can slow down and watch the days go by nice and easy while I paint or read a bit. The good thing is that the weather has cooled down a little too - so that's nice for this time of year as well, don't you think?

The garden isn't completely finished, but it's almost there. Earlier this year, I scored some half-finished steps for my garden and stored them at my parents' house to be completed. In the last few weeks, Dad completed them and now they're at my place. They look great! I can fit in another 10 or so plants in my garden and it looks wonderful. Just yesterday, I went out to Bunnings and bought some Mondo Grass and planted it in the half-pot I've been trying to grow something in for the past year. Now it's got longer hooks to hang from, I'm sure it won't be having any problems with the plants surviving.
Then, I divided up the Agapanthus into separate pots. Instead of buying new pots and waiting yet another year, I recycled some pots I already had. They look great! And hopefully, they will all flower this year again too.

This Friday is my Mum's birthday. I went out yesterday - before going to Bunnings - to buy her present. When I arrived home, I found I didn't have any wrapping paper. So, I found one of my book bags I had made for the stall, and thought her Kindle would look great in that, and put her present in that. Very cool. 

I've also been working on Riley's 16th Birthday present. Because it's a big, major birthday, I'm making sure she gets something important and wonderful. Her next one will be her 18th. I just hope she likes what I've made her and bought for her. 

Well, that's all there is from my life. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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