Sunday, September 13, 2015

Exhausted But Resting

This past week has been nothing but me being on the go the whole time. I don't think I have had a moment's rest to just sit and think or scratch.

On Saturday, 5th September, I had the markets on. They were great. I had a floor stall and there were plenty of people looking, but nobody buying - as there was so much going on in Brisbane that weekend. And our market is still getting to be known in Bulimba too.
The next day was Father's Day, so I went my parents' house to give Dad his gift and make him a huge morning tea - both of which he loved. But he could see I was tired and so I didn't stick around for too long after the food and gift-giving and coffee.

On Monday, I had my Craft Day where we learned about straight stitches. I found I'm quite good at those; and seeing they're done in evens, I didn't have to worry too much about them. I found them a lot of fun to do.

Tuesday was a quiet day of me here at home doing housework. I did laundry, taking apart some of my garden and staining 6 coat hangers for my wardrobe. As well as those things outside, I did some cleaning up indoors and prepared the house for the shopping/grocery day the next day.
Wednesday was a huge day out. From 8am - when I got out of bed - I was on the go the whole day. I had my shopping finished at around 1pm (which included my fruit'n'veggies, groceries at Coles and me going to Bunnings, the chemist and other places as well as getting the car filled with petrol before coming home). Then Dad brought over the steps I had found earlier this year after I painted the backs of them. He painted the rest of them with 'Fiddly-Bits' spray paint I had bought at Bunnings. By around 4pm Wednesday afternoon, I had the garden pulled apart, renovated and put back together again... *phew!* what a day! I had also put on a pizza dough as well!

On Thursday, I caught up with what I had bought on Wednesday. After all the work I had done over the previous two days, I still had a few things to unpack that I had gotten from Life Line. Washing up still had to be done and the garden badly needed a watering too - after I moved all the plants around. I also sat down and watched a movie - just to kick back a little and relax.
Friday was another busy day out. I picked up Mum and took out to the eye doctor; this meant she couldn't drive for the day. So, I was her chauffeur for the day. We were out to Mt Gravatt, then to Aunty Helen's school, then to Garden City for a coffee and walked around the new section (which I knew quite well) and then back to their place where we had lunch and hung about a bit before I headed off home. By the time I did, it was almost 3pm. I was so tired - and yet couldn't get to sleep that night. The reason? I made myself a warm milo and accidentally put a little coffee in with it too... damn! 

Saturday was another full day too! I was out at Old Skool Tattoo for a Semi-Colon event they put on to raise money for Pathways - a place which helps people with depression. A great cause. After that I was off to my volunteer work at the gallery. It was a very quiet afternoon there... I got a lot of colouring in done in my complex colouring books... there were no phone calls and even less people coming in.
That night, I was sitting here on the net around 10pm when the power went out for around a minute, then came back on. About an hour later, I went to bed.

Today, I'm not doing anything but farting around on the internet and putting a few things away around the house. And do you really blame me?  I have had a busier than busy week... I'm stuffed. So, how has your week been? All good and busy, hope so... if not, well, everything cooling off is good sometimes. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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