Monday, July 27, 2015

After-Flu Catch-Up

It's been a long two weeks or so of me being down and out with this bug that's been going around. If I wasn't feeling yuk and without energy, I was scoffing everything in my pantry and out of my fridge... yeah, I turn into a right piggy when I'm sick for some unknown reason. 

I did go to the doctor as soon as I felt unwell and he told me that it was 'that virus doing the rounds'. Oh yay for me... not that I wanted it, but the chances of it coming back was high too.

And so this weekend I've been playing a big game of catch-up with my household chores; all the while trying to shake this nagging, dry cough. I'll be okay for about an hour, then I'll feel as though I'm going to cough up a lung... yuk! But it's going away; and that's the up-side of this.
However, I have been missing my Craft Group at Springwood for the last week - and this week, I'll be staying home as well just in case I'm still contagious; as I don't wish to pass on anything to the ladies there. 

During the weekend, I did get a lot done. There was the car which got washed, the lawn mowed, the kitchen floor washed as well. Then, the stove was cleaned, the washing up was caught up with and - just today - the laundry was done. While that's been out on the line, I've Glen-20'd the bedroom and dusted everything in there too... as well as the office and bathroom. I'm making sure this bug goes away and stays away.

Yeah, I'm feeling better, but it will be another week or so before this cough goes away for good. So, how's this Winter/Summer treating you? Better than me I hope. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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