Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Changes For the Better

A few years ago, I started on changing my life for the better; it began with cleaning out my townhouse. I didn't really know where to start, so I looked up Peter Walsh on Facebook and looked at what he was advising people - and I started taking on his challenges to clean out my house.

I threw out so much rubbish and gave away so many things to charities around my area - and I don't miss any of it!

Then, I had to start on getting into doing things that made me happy... and I didn't just mean getting a good night's sleep and drinking green tea every night; this was where I had to find out where my Happyness disappeared to.

Yeah, I wasn't happy with my life.

I thought I was, but I wasn't. 

So, I traced back to the last time I was truly happy... it took a bit of digging around (okay, not a bit, a lot!), and I found I was happiest when I was in my late-teens! The things which made me happy then were books, reading, writing, music and cooking and gardening; which surprised me as they are just basic, ordinary things.

Who would have guessed that the ordinary, plain things in life would make somebody like me happy... I really didn't. So, I got into making my place - which was starting to look good by this time - into a home. I really didn't feel as though my townhouse was really my home.  It wasn't personalised with anything much which said it was my place.

I didn't have a front garden where I had done it all myself.  There were no photos on the walls of my family. I didn't have anything up-to-date... a lot of my things were old and outdated - except my stereo system and home office desk; but that didn't really matter. My place wasn't really my place... it honestly looked as though it was a rental.

But the changes I wanted to do around my house were huge... and to make them I had to start small. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. To make something big happen in your life, you have to begin at the smaller end of the scale: get the photos of your family on the wall, work on the plants in your garden, sort through a few more drawers in the spare room and throw out more junk - one room at a time.
And you know, it's true when you start small, things just seem to snowball. I started with looking at my bedroom... and knowing I needed a new bed. But then, when I looked through the catalogues, it wasn't just mattress I was looking at, it was the whole suite I was looking at - and I was dreaming of upsizing too!

So, I did out my wardrobe and organised that first. I know that doesn't sound like I was working towards a new bedroom suite, but I was. I had to have everything organised enough to make sure I wanted the size of the drawers I needed - and you know something? I haven't looked back. Once I organised the bedroom, the rest of the house kind of followed it. 
I searched for a year to find the exact hall table I wanted - a full year! - and even though it's about 20cm too long, it's just right for what I need it for. I love it! It holds all my family photos, two terrariums and all the hooks, chargers and some light bulbs I'll ever need in the drawers.

And I started small... really small. And it's taken me over 3 years to have the house anywhere near what I want it to be.  Okay, it's got mess still, but not as bad as it used to be. I have art gear everywhere still, and yet my painting projects are all in one area because I built a work bench for my hobby business this year.

So, life changes are for the better when you start small - tiny - and they could be eating better, starting to walk every day instead of driving, reading three chapters of a book you've been looking at on the shelf for the past three months.  It can be anything, but it'll be small to start with... and it all begins with you making those changes.

I did; and I'm still doing those changes every day, every week - and I'm a better person for them. Compared to five years ago, my life is a total opposite today. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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