Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Busy Week

Winter is most definitely being felt around Brisbane and Australia.  Yes, it's nice and chilly and some of us are enjoying it completely.

I've gotten in and made some table cloths at Mum and Dad's place just last Saturday.  It was great to be able to spread out there and do some serious work and enjoy not only the house but to also feed the birdies too... they loved that I was there.

Then, I made some scones and took them to my craft group on the Monday and everyone loved those, while I worked on my dish cloths. I'm starting on more than 2 at a time, to boost numbers for the markets. There's more colours and sizes to pick from as well, so they're going wonderfully well.

I'm working on more things around the house, as it was raining this week, and I didn't really get outside much.  There was laundry to do, cleaning up, reading and a lot of other things to throw out while I was around the house.

Then, there was my grocery shopping day - and now my house is chock full of food! Wednesdays are always fun for me - the midweek run around to get the rubbish bin out, make sure it's filled to brim with everything I don't want in my house and lined up outside for the rubbish truck to collect... sometimes I forget, but not often.  The truck almost always comes here late, which is good; but there sometimes, it comes early in the morning, and people go running out to it to put their bins out. It's funny in a way to see them do that.

Thursday was busy for me too.  I was out and about at a friend's house for a visit. She was feeling down about not hearing back from a job interview a few weeks ago, and I dropped by to chat. We shared some fresh scones I had made that morning and talked about everything on our minds.  It was a good day, but before long, I was off home; as I had laundry to bring in and stuff to get done here at home.

Friday seemed to be the only day I got to stay home and finish up my housework.  I put away my laundry, made the bed, cleaned up the kitchen (mostly) and sat down and did some serious knitting of the dishcloths... I ended up finishing one that afternoon! Very cool.

Then, on Saturday, I was out and about again at a book launch at the Logan North Library for Karen Tyrrell's children's book: 'Harry Helps Grandpa Remember'.  It was all read out in a pantomime - what fun! - I haven't been to one of these in years, since I was a child actually (and back then, I didn't know what was going on without the words the actors were supposed to say). 

Yep, my week was busy... and next week is going to be busy too.  So, has your week been as busy as mine? Hope so.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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