Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Week In Waiting

I'm in a week of waiting.

Waiting takes time... a lot of time...

And I'm not a very patient person at the best of times.

So, when I have to wait for something, I do constructive things.

This week, I've cleaned out the office - that took 2 days - it's not quite finished, but it's close.  Then, I Preened the carpet... and it's looking great!

Then, there was the wheelie bin... it was filled to top! So, I might get in and do more stuff out in the living room while I'm in the cleaning mood.

While I was out and about yesterday picking up medication and dropping off things around the ridges, I found an old late-70's magazine rack.  It wasn't in bad shape, so I bought it. Today, I started sanding off the bits that were really worn down so I can stain it and work on it next week.

Then, when I ran out of the bits of sandpaper I used today (as my other sandpaper is at Mum and Dad's place; yeah I forgot to bring home a huge roll of sandpaper for my work), I stood at my workbench and painted up some pegs, working on them one at a time.

I got two finished and moved to a varnishing section... not bad if I do say so.

By then, it was around 2pm... only 2pm!  I went outside to read a book for a bit... but I found some mud wasps having some ideas to built another nest on a tree outside my window.  So, I got an idea:  I grabbed the WD40 and sprayed them and their nest.  They didn't like it, but they flew away long enough for me to clip the tree of anything they might build on; and besides, WD40 is just fish oil, it's not really that poisonous and won't harm my tree.

I read a bit more and went inside and began to knit more of a dishcloth I was working on... a big one... at around 2:45pm.  At 4pm, I organised something to eat and watched a bit of television while I worked and then thought it was time to get dinner under way at around 5pm... nachos! 

I've been knitting since around 7pm until 9:45pm, and I'm tired as hell. The kitchen needs a good cleaning tomorrow, so does the bathroom and toilets. I have laundry to get done and some more cleaning of the office... and I have yet to hear from the upholsterers about my chair.

I guess this just gives me time to get myself to clean out the house better... to have a week in waiting for something.

Have you ever had a week to have to wait for something and gotten more in a week done than you thought possible?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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