Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Was Something Different!

March started off with the Logan City Car Show, which I took off to.  The day was hot, sunny and gorgeous; and so were the sweet lot of cars there!  I took along my phone and camera as well - but most of my photos were taken on my phone.  I got to meet a 1958 Plymouth Fury - yes, I got to meet the same make and model of Stephen King's first horror car: Christine.  What a beauty she was. She was big, red and gorgeous in a creepy, weird kinda way.  And I loved her... the owner thought it was great I was so much into the book and he told me the differences between the book and the movie and then he let me sit behind the wheel a few times and I got myself photographed there too!  Sweet! 
I showed my folks the photos and they were amazed at how big the show was.  But I did get a little sunburnt; but not too badly.

However, March turned out to be a real steamer of a month.  The flowers on my Moch Orange shrubs flowered for their final time, and I worked hard on more stock for my next markets at Murarrie Progress Hall.  I had some great ideas for a couple of new lines, but they will take time to integrate them into my stall.  Anyway, I experimented on a set of drawers and found that they would work out selling them - I just have to find a well-built set to buy and do up.  Is that possible?

My garden started to florish as the storms and rains began.  One of my Bromiliads began to flower and another scored itself a Green Ants Nest... oh great, how to get rid of that!  I'll figure it out without killing the plant.

Before long, the World's Greatest Shave was upon me.  I had been working on getting sponsors to donate money towards this and this year, I was shaving my hair off.  However, it wasn't being thrown out.  I was sending my ponytail away to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Promotion so they could turn it into a wig for somebody undergoing Cancer treatments.  It was such a stressful day when 14th, March showed up, I was exhausted by the end of the day; and I had an afternoon of volunteer work at the Logan Art Gallery as well.  In the end, I raised $801.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland this year.  I hope to beat that amount next year! 

Not too soon after, I had my first market at Murarrie Progress Hall.  It was the first time I was pleased to not have hair... it was that hot and sticky.  I had put up pictures of me without hair to make sure all my friends and other retailers at the markets knew I was going to arrive without my long red locks... and they were so amazed at how fast it had grown in a week!  Brisbane had a huge thunderstorm, which rocked all of us around the city, and then we were amazed when people showed up for the market soon afterwards.

For the rest of the month, I made a dry terrarium for the bathroom, Mum bought me a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn clock (and I replaced my 25 year old $5.00 clock I had from when I was with Dan at Runcorn) and then I paid off a layby at Woodys' and started right in on knitting some dishcloths for next year's line on my stall. 

Yep, this month was really busy... I was running around with hair at the beginning of the month, and without it by the end.  I had started knitting dishcloths mid-month, the garden is really looking great and the rain is beginning to settle in - and Winter is really on its way.  Until my next post, take care,stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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