Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Busy Week - With One Day to Go

I've been non-stop on the go this week. Since Monday, I've been out every day - even today, the day I promised myself that I'd stay home and chill out and do nothing; not even housework.

Yep, Monday was the day I attended my craft group. And I'm glad I went to it. My 'Aunt Pittypat's Cream Scones' vanished faster than they did last week (within around 10 minutes instead of 20) and the lady I gave the recipe to didn't get any scones at all. And the freshly whipped cream went down a treat too! 
Tuesday had me tracking all over the southside of Brisbane looking for the perfect dress to wear tomorrow night to the 'Allsorts Art Exhibition'. I looked absolutely everywhere in the way of charity stores. As most of you know, I don't shop retail when it comes to clothes, as I find they're too expensive and I really like retro styles. So, I looked around Life Line at Woodridge, The Salvation Army at Eight Mile Plains and then, finally, I jumped onto the highway and drove to Stones Corner, parked the car and took a walk around the place to find that all the one-off stores had vanished. Yes, I haven't been to this place in yonks and so I found the Vinnies there and found three gorgeously retro dresses that I loved and tried them all on! And they fitted! I bought them - and they only came to $28 all up; giving me enough money to buy lunch at a cafe down the road... a rarity for me to do. I returned home by around 2pm. What a day!
Wednesday I was out again at my folks' house to show Mum the dresses and figure out which one I'd wear to the opening tomorrow. She helped me a lot and told me that the really long one needed taking up a little - and it looked gorgeous for an afternoon bbq or something to wear on holidays. I was home in enough time to have a nice pasta dinner and an early night.
Today, I didn't want to go anywhere. I washed my hair and put out some rubbish, washed up a little, and burned some cds for the car. Then I received a text from My Optometrist telling me that my new glasses were waiting for me - yay! I got myself ready and jumped in the car to get there. They were just perfect; I loved them! But these retro frames were too big for anything they had in the way of glasses containers... nothing could take them! That really bugged me as I found some nice cases that suited the glasses but they were too wide! Finally, after looking around, the ladies found they had to give me a larger case. No worries, I'll make myself a bigger case for my glasses. 

Well, it's starting to rain... yes, rain... here. The night is a little on the warmer side because of the cloud cover. But it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow night. I can't wait until I have to  get ready. But I'll be setting my hair in hot curlers in the early afternoon. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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